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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Have I Mentioned that I DON'T Garden?

Let me mention here....I do NOT garden...I know there is a lot joy to be had for gathering dirt (or digging in said dirt), starting seedlings, or rescuing sad little saplings from the home/garden stores, applying the proper nutrients, water, weeding, (and oh yea ...dosing the proper amount of love) and then standing back and admiring all the fruits of the labor whilst patting one's self on the back.

It just ain't me, folks.
Plants commit harie/karie when they see me coming.
I don't know how they know. They just do.
I've even killed the cute bamboo shoots shaped into a heart that Haley gave me one year.
How does one kill bamboo shoots you ask? Give them to me.
Their end.

So where did this awesome (and healthy I might add) broccoli plant come from?
In my our garden.
The BFG* digs in the dirt, plows, rototils, adds rebarb for the perfect grid, builds a 2 x 4 raised bed right smack in the middle of the lawn (ok, towards the edge of property line), uses all my cute holiday metal decorations to keep birds away (picture; purple metal witch heads, red/white/blue baubles, and "welcome bunnies" signs sporadically placed around said raised bed in the grass)

Then he pops a beer and stands back to pat himself on the back.
Many times... during the day,
the weeks
and the months.

acronyms are how most web users identify family members.
For example; DH can be dear husband, darling husband
BFG* is the acronym I use for mine.

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Today was Sunny at the Beach! Edited

This is my friend Jenni....she got married today...on the BEACH!
Here's an overhead shot of the top of the cake...
shells, and sea grass? TOTALLY edible! Sand is really brown sugar!

Here are more pictures of the delish cake!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009


is this thing on?

Ok, I know you're out there...oh yes, I do...oh yes, I do...who's a good blog lurker?

*Ahem* it has come to my attention that while I know you're out there, no one is commenting.
And if no one comments, it discourages me from tap, tap, tap (aka stampin')!!!
Cause if I tap, tap, tap...and create, I have to know it's appreciated.
I'm just wired thata way.

Not that I thrive on attention. Nope, that's not me. I'm the baby in my family, not spoiled at tall. But I do occasionally like to see er, read words of encouragement or words like, "where the heck are ye?"

I'll be back....just in case you stopped by.
Lemme know you're not just lookin around Facebook.
Or twittering.
Or doing laundry.
Or cooking (blea)

Oh yea...there could be a giveaway here.
But then again, if no one is one wins!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

March and it's Madness...and some more Miniatures

Can't say that I get into all of the March Madness (sports) happenings.
I'm just not wired that way.

So what else starts with an "M"?
Miniatures of course!
Here's a widdle lesson on miniatures and the proper scale of things...
The bicycle would be scale for a miniature "child" would the gum ball machine (remember how big they looked to us a kid?)
The fish bowl however is not. But Haley had seen this in a doll store when she was widdle herself and thought Gramie's miniature house should have it. How could I esplain scale to a widdle kid wanting to buy her Gramie something special and say no?

Here's a sneakie peekie of somethin' I've been workin' on...

Monday, March 16, 2009


If you are a blogger, THIS is the Academy Awards, the Oscars, the Tonys....
and if you have ever had insomnia and jumped onto my blog (clearly not award winning) and visited Pioneer Woman
for recipes or just to wanderlust about her romance with Marlboro Man, need how to work wonders in Photoshop, or humorous every day life, you'll be JUMPIN' JIMINIE for JOY because she won the 2009 Weblog of the YEAR!
I'm so tickled for her...I'm jealous of her ...well not the hard water issues she has...uhm, not the cold winters in Oaklahoma either...ok let's face it, not jealous that her kids like to play with calf-nuts, but HEY! I am REALLY jealous of the Lodge and her happy abode, awesome camera (and self taught skills) and just to be honest here, she does FAB giveaways, too!
Read about here

Well done, PW,
Well done!

for all the winners click here

and of course, she and I will be celebrating by having Marlboro Man doin da mamba on the Lodge's new long kitchen counter top wearing his chaps!

Did I mention I love men in chaps, too?

Sunday, March 15, 2009

A tisket, a tasket, in lieu of a basket...?

Isn't this the cutest stankin treat holder?
I saw it on a Bren's blog, who adapted it from another. You know how that goes!
Anyhoot, this would be cute filled with Easter goodies, Valentine, Halloween or whatever.
My whatever is a holder for CTMH's Ribbon Rounds as a thank you gift.
Cute, no?

More Miniatures

These are some of the babies that my mom made for the miniature Dollhouse that we rescued from her burning house 9 yrs ago...
Notice the blanket and babywear?.....all knitted with toothpicks!
(and PS, no these babies aren't part of the adoption process!)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Mini Bow Maker

Idn't this the cutest stankin thing?
Another tidbit from the Miniature house mom made and that is going to a new home.
I sent this off to the new owner for a taste of the world she is about to enter...
You see things in a whole new dimension in the Miniature world.
Take the gift wrapping for example. You simply cannot have gifts under the Christmas tree without bows. And how does one make mini bows that are scale to a true miniature house?
With a mini bow maker, of course!
If I find out she's got some cool new technique crossing over the mini bow maker for our card making and scrapbooking world, I'll have to shoot myself for letting this one go.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

It Happened...I Failed at Something...

I just can't get a grip on the whole Facebook thing.
I absolutely hated MySpace because of all the primping, music, revolving graphics (that made this progressive lens wearer get a headache!) backdrops or layouts whatever the heck they call it. Heck, I only signed up for MySpace to keep track of you-know-who while she was in you-know-where.

So I figured that Facebook would allow me to connect with my many different circle of friends.
Well..I gotta say that I really don't like seeing all unrelated posts from others who happen to be friends with some of my friends. I end up doing the Jim Carey version of Jerry Lewis' Nutty Professor, (eye balls rollin', cheeks sucked in, fingers spazzing) like, do I really care about that enough to read this? and then click on their picture and find I need to be their friend, and on and on and on.....!

Good Lord-a-Mighty! When does it stop?!!

So I guess I failed in the respect that I didn't approach it the correct way, or it didn't meet or exceed my expectations and I failed to know that in advance?

I'll still pop in once in a's a good thing I reference my blog on my home page there...
those that care can always find me here!

And darn it! I missed Dr. Seuss's birthday celebration again this year!
I'm a Ham I am. And of course it's gotta be green.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Miniatures and Memories

Random things can at times have a meaning...
for example, a long time fellow consultant Bren commented on Facebook that she had found herself drawn into the world of miniatures.
I had just signed up to for a sidewalk sale at a miniature store in town to let go of the miniature house that my mom had built 22 years ago that we rescued from her house fire 8 years ago!
(Haley and I wore rubber boots and gloves to salvage all the things dumped when the firemen pulled it out of the house)

I wondered...well, couldn't hurt to ask her if she might be interested in some of our things...haha! interested was she? enough to drive almost 500 miles TODAY!
Yea...that's the thing about find yourself doing just about anything for that find. (like we use to sleep in our cars overnite to be the first at a Beanie Baby release!)
I went to snap off some pictures and much to my dismay, even though the house has been covered, dust and dust bunnies had found their way in (unlike our own houses, right?)

Anyhoot...after going through room by room, I figured some canned air, and Murphy's soap were in order. (Even if we didn't sell off everything it would still need to be presentable to whomever ended up with our treasures)

I opened the trunk in the "todder's" room and WOW! I found a REAL miniature scrapbook my mom had made...with REAL pictures that she had reduced from a my grandfather's family scrapbook! Not only that, but the mini guest book from her "open house"!

Gong through all these miniatures made a gloomy rainy day nostalgic...
Thanks Bren!
(in more ways than one...)