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Monday, June 29, 2009

Okie Dokie Artichokeeee!


My Mouth is watering for Hot Artichoke Dip leftovers!
Why leftovers you say? It's too dang hot here for any hot foods!

One of the five plants just shot right up and out...and lo and behold...It's a double first time out...
oh wait...make that a triple...there's a baby too small for the nakid camera eye!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Animal Cookies Workshop/Red Beauty

I found myself back in the workshop biz!
When prepping for a Card Class today, I thought I'd just see if there was any interest in our Workshops On The Go.

This is the project that "students" make when registering.
I had this layout ready to go and so were the guests!

I didn't have any little kid pictures, but figured with anything red, I couldn't go wrong.
One thing I switched out was on the right side layout (bottom shown here) instead of using the My Stickease for Animal Cookies, I just stamped five words and used those in the journaling.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Dancing (with the) Cousins

We had another fun family day...and joining us this time was my 2nd cousin, Paul
(who survived a disabling bicycling accident right after his high school graduation).
He likes to Ballroom dance..and so does Haley now, too!

Whattaya think? Are they destined for the golden trophy?

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Touchy Feel Good...

lookie what arrived today!
Totally unique and one of kind.
See the over spray of paint? They paint your shoes ON the shoe box.
Not only are they comfy and (of course) in my Frame of Mind colors, but you feel good about the cause.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Blast From My Past...and a warning!

Here's the warning first: This was before Photoshop peoples (circa 1979) was even thought of to reduce pounds, unflattering facial lines or flaws, bikini lines, and crocked noses and veins.
I figured if Tresa Black had the guts to show her Belly Dancing pictures untouched, I could surely share these!

As I was putting together a fabulous Expedit from IKEA, I realized there was an antique filling cabinet which required moving and that had some ol' trashy romance novels and a strange looking plastic photo album and *gasp* my wedding proofs in it!

As I opened the plastic photo album, these photos slid out. OH.MY.GAWWWWD.
As I remember the story, this guy came into the Bank Of America where I was working and asked me if I would consider modeling for him as he was starting up his business. momma raised no fool but hey, he was kinda cute in his own special way. (more about him in a bit)
His studio for lack of a better word was at the seedier end of J Street Downtown Sacramento.
Behind a solid steal door. With a gazillion locks. Cigar Store on one side, Bail Bondsman on the other.
This was the first photo shoot...he had found Augustitus riding a bike with signs attached and a flag on the back fender. He was to be my partner in "contrast".
Do I look "contrasted" to ol' Augustitus?
Or would you call this somewhat of a "Beauty and definitely the Beast"?

A while later, my photographer friend actually got a paying gig to shoot a catalog for a local gal who custom designed suede, silks and fur works of Art. We even made the newspaper (but alas that is MIA)

None of these were final cut photos, just a few he had given me to keep.
Did I mention I didn't get
(But he DID do my wedding photos for me!)

I'll repeat the warning; This was before Photoshop people (circa 1979) was even thought of to reduce pounds, unflattering facial lines or flaws, bikini lines, and crocked noses.
Suede lounging outfit:
Not sure of the look we were going for here...I think it was just setting up, lighting etc.

Yea...definitely setting up the shots:

Close-Up (not of me per se) of the color/details of this fabulous fur jacket. Each row of the jacket were individual pockets of fur that was layered (sort of like an owl wing)
Do these look like owl eyes?

Ok, so now you know I aspired to be a model.
But I aged before my time.
And they hadn't invented PhotoShop yet!!!!

Check out the success of my photographer friend!
We BOTH had a LOT more hair back then.
Kent Lacin

Sneak Peak 3...Back to Art!

This project is well, can you say "taking longer than usual"?
Don't hate's just the way I'm wired these days.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Menu for Father's Day **edited**

Since we ALL know I don't cook, the menu for today is brought to you from PW (of course).

Whiskey Glazed Carrots, fresh from our the garden (the carrots not the whiskey)
click here for the recipe.
I'm still dealing with the eratic back-ache, so I had to cut up the carrots really quick...with a really large knife...which made the BFG raise an eyebrow or both...worrying if I was doing this to end his misery (or mine depending on how ya look at it)
After I had the nice 2 pound requirement, I soaked em in water overnite in the fridge, cause...well being that they be home grown and the last of crop, they were a tad not-crispy.
And I had peoples to impress.

The main dish from PW's for today is her recipe for Flank Steak.
Now years ago, I use to impress the BFG (only he wasn't B or F back then) by making this at least every other week. My marinade was just plain ol' Soy and Worchester sauces. But again since I'm trying to impress peoples today, I thought I'd try something different.
click here for the marinade recipe.

That's about all I can handle today for entertaining.
Oh did I mention who's coming?
Mom (without the god-forsaken T-shirt I pray)
And Aunt Pat for Arizona.

Stay tuned for the results!
Results.....5 pieces left of carrots out of 2 pounds
and one slender lovely medium rare-rare slice of Flank Steak remaining (great samwich 2nite!)
These 2 recipes are my FAV as I (sort of) get back in the swing of sometimes, maybe cooking!

Saturday, June 20, 2009


I couldn't be there for the whole process due to an aggrevated nerve in my lower lombar.
But yesterday Haley's first car was retired.
Retired... as in "Gross Polluter".
I am still trying to deal with the emotions (and that fat $1k check).
More later tonite .

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Did You Know...?

Did you know that you are NOT allowed to take pictures anywhere inside a Casino?
I totally get it that around the slots or gambling tables, a big fat no-no...
But PEOPLE! This was a total Kodak moment! An absolutely GOR-GEE-OUS carving of a Red Hawk at their Casino in Placerville, CA at the landing of the lower level (aka NON smoking).

In fact it was so GOR-GEE-OUS that after I took this shot (and 4 others) I thought it would be cool if I got a shot off coming down the escalator to capture the window AND the carving.

At this point I felt a tap-tap-tap on my shoulder and turned to an armed woman saying, "madame ju cannot take de peecshures in de caseeeno"!
OH! Yikes....! Exited back UP the escalator to my smoking area to lower my heart rate.
(and hide my camera)

Did you also know that you no longer gamble with coins?
When the heck did THAT happen?
Imagine my appearance likened to a space alien when I got all comfy with a drink and an ashtray at a slot machine, pulled out my baggie of coins and...."wait! where the hell do I stick the coins"???
*Snort* all three hundred people around me had a good laugh at my expense...and I am pretty sure I overheard some old fart say, " she from outer space or what?"

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Two Grads Down, 1 to Gooooooo!

Haley and her BFF Allie, and BBF James all graduated the same year.
James has (officially but not in ink) graduated from the EMS program, and Allie just graduated from UC Davis.
And Haley?.....well, she still has some s*it to shovel yet but movin' right along!!!

This was the "autograph" book for all attendees.
Cute, no?

Friday, June 12, 2009

Swine Flu or Hot Piggy Mama?!

Don't believe everything you hear in the media about Swine Flu peoples.
We had a Piggy Party for my co-worker to welcome her back after a SMALL bout with the (confirmed) Flu.
The Menu?
Pork n Beans
Pigs in a Poke
Pigs in a Blanket
PINK lemonade
Pork Ribs
and those of us that could, wore Pig Tails.

Other than the HazMat Team choking us HEALTHY people with antiseptic sprays, it was a FUN week!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Annual Mother/Daughter Brunch

For the past say, oh I dunno....6,7,8...maybe more years, the girls from Encina High(along with some outside friends and family) and our mothers, then grandaughters (when they got old enough) met once a year for Brunch.
Since our numbers go up and down, it's always hard-pressed to find a restraunt with free-flowing champagne (or Mamosas) and the room to accommodate us.

THIS year one of the mothers volunteered her home on The Bluffs of the American River and we did a pot luck. (yes, yes...we all KNOW I do NOT cook...but we know PW does! and I can follow her fabulous step by step directions). Since we had at least 10 pounds of carrots from the garden of which I have no part of, I ventured with her Whiskey Glazed Carrots. YUM!

So here we are...lookin' better and better every year!

Our Mothers
(yes, the picture of Mom in the newspaper came up a few times!)

And our generation
(can you guess which ones belong to each other?) Here's a hint...
the YOUNGEST of us are down in front!!! *evil grin*

the next generation down...our daughters:
Missing this year is my daughter who went to work instead of coming down with a headache or swine flu or somethun...
(someone needs instructions on leg placement but we'll give her a break as she's only a freshman/sophmore in High School now and she's just too darned cute!)

And ta-da!
Our first GREAT-Grandaughter in attendance:
It was a beautiful day and this was the view outside:

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Can you say tired?

Aren't we a cute (and tired looking) motley crew?
Another fun, fabulous Stampin Memories Scrapbook Getaway!

and of course our latest newcomer who came all the way from the San Diego area, Bren!