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Tuesday, October 1, 2013

More Spooky Pinterest Ideas and....

As most of you know, I love, lOVE Pinterest!
If it were my FT job, I'd be rich! ha!
Whenever possible, I will use CTMH products and this time, I pretty much nailed it with that in mind.
I also love our exclusive Cricut Cartridges Art Philosophy, Artiste and the newest Artbooking. And along with Cricut vinyl I can create til I drop!!!!
Here's the latest and tell me what you think...
The top set is my version for a full Halloween variety...
The bottom was gleaned from

I love how they turned out and the very best part is the cylinders, candlesticks were all $1 or less and the ribbon was on sale at HL! Woot Woot!

Lately I've been doing some For Hire jobs for co-workers and with our Artist cartridge made these:

(the round bag was from the Plantin Schoolbook cartridge, Tall Ball feature with the shopping bag)

If you're not into Halloween...check out the Sunflower projects made with the pointy flower from Art Philosophy

Home Decor quick and easy using supplies on hand...gotta love that!

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Artbooking Made Easy (S01E01): Getting Started with Cricut Artbooking

My MAC is back and I am BACK on line!
I can't believe how dependent we become to our products of technology! While I lost everything on the hard-drive, THANKFULLY I always had my photos from my camera saved on CD''s just not the same though. I had saved a lot of inspiration ideas and saved them.
So little by little, I'll be uploading them to iCloud so I can organize them again.
Meanwhile, back at CTMH...enjoy some of the awesomeness of our latest and greatest Cricut Cartridge set called Artbooking!

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Rediscover Happy Summer 2013

Don't forget to Rediscover your Happy for FREE downloads before Aug.31st!

Thursday, August 1, 2013


Announcing the 2013 Autumn Winter Idea Book!
(pssst...where is it you say?)

The month's stamp of the month is such a SWEET deal too....FREE!!!
(with $50. purchase)

and this? THIS you will not want to be without!

As you can see (or NOT! ar ar ar) I am having posting issues, however the best place to view it all until you get it in your hot little hands is you-know-where !

Wednesday, July 31, 2013

What's new? na-uh...not yet! The big reveal will be in ONE more day, but meanwhile..!

I LOVE making customized gifts!

Using the Art Philosophy Cricut cartridge, I've been rolling flowers for days!
It may be my favorite cartridge...for a few more hours!

Stay Tuned!
(or if you can read this, you may get a sneaky peak now on my website)

Sunday, July 21, 2013

The BIG Release...

Soon and I mean VERY soon, the new Idea Book from Close To My Heart will be released!

Yesterday, we had an Open House for a sneak peak and had fabulous Make n Takes for everyone to play with new products and papers.

If you missed it, sorry to say that you missed a great day!

Here are some of the highlights:
Baubles and Bling!
Burlap bags, punches and more fabulous new tools!

FABULOUS artwork from our Team!

Anne and Shelley went to Orlando and were a few of the first to witness the awesome things our new *ahem* item can do! If you don't believe that one Cricut Cartridge can do it all, then you don't believe in Santa Clause! With just a few keys, mini albums can be whipped out in no time!

 With the key of "F" this new Cartridge did everything on this layout! I set the size to 11" for EVERYTHING except the font for Abbey's name and the word Smitten...kept it simple with no other embellishments (for now!) I swear the hardest part was deciding which pictures to use! This is my new great-niece Abbey Jo, and her mommy takes a ton of pictures!
New Papers!

New Home Decor items, too!

Good day, good friends and AWESOME fun!

Sometimes groups of friends and customers want to have a way to benefit from Hostess Rewards (aka FREE stuff) but don't want to have a traditional home gathering. That's cool! Cause the ol' way doesn't always work for everyone! I can do a Card Class with pre-registration with you and your friends. If you take turns, you can each benefit from the Rewards!
What is pre-registration? It's like pre-ordering ahead of time and we make projects based on the order.
As long as the pre-orders equal the minimum of $150. the "Lady of the Day" reaps the Rewards!
(AND with the new upcoming Hostess exclusive options, you will ALL want them!)

Let's talk!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Retired List from 2013

Z134712 x 12 Post Bound Album- New England IvyAlbum
Z1366Brads Metal AssortmentAccessory
Z1410Antiqued Copper Designer BradsAccessory
BULK275Avonlea Cardmaking Workshop GuideBulk
BULK286Chantilly Workshop Guide (10 pack)Bulk
BULK287Buzz and Bumble Workshop Guide (10 pack)Bulk
BULK288For Always Workshop Guide (10 pack)Bulk
BULK289Claire Workshop Guide (10 pack)Bulk
BULK290Later Sk8r Workshop Guide (10 pack)Bulk
BULK291Surf's Up Workshop Guide (10 pack)Bulk
BULK292Tommy Workshop Guide (10 pack)Bulk
BULK293For Always Cardmaking Workshop Guide (10 pack)Bulk
BULK294Chantilly Cardmaking Workshop Guide (10 pack)Bulk
BULK255Avonlea B&T Duos® Combo PackBulk
BULK256Clementine B&T Duos® Combo PackBulk
BULK257Dakota B&T Duos® Combo PackBulk
BULK259Scholastic B&T Duos® Combo PackBulk
BULK279Buzz and Bumble B&T Duos® Combo PackBulk
BULK282Later Sk8r B&T Duos® Combo PackBulk
BULK283Tommy B&T Duos® Combo PackBulk
BULK284Surf's Up B&T Duos® Combo PackBulk
Z1358Buttons Basic Assortment Accessory
Z1369Buttons Red Assortment Accessory
Z1370Buttons Pink AssortmentAccessory
Z1371Buttons Blue AssortmentAccessory
Z1372Buttons Green Assortment Accessory
Z1703Wooden Badge ButtonsAccessory
Z1704Pewter Badge ButtonsAccessory
Z1821Buttons Black AssortmentAccessory
Bulk212Chocolate ButtonsBulk
Bulk273Grey Sparkle Badge ButtonsBulk
BULK297Black ButtonBulk
G1060Workshops on the Go® For Always Cardmaking KitWOTG
G1061Workshops on the Go® Chantilly Cardmaking KitWOTG
Z141210-Things PocketPaper Product
Z14746" x 6" Kraft Die-Cut Cards & EnvelopesPaper Product
Z17213” x 3” Kraft EnvelopesPaper Product
Z17224 1/4" x 5 1/2" Kraft EnvelopesPaper Product
Z17235” x 7” Kraft EnvelopesPaper Product
Z17246” x 6” Kraft EnvelopesPaper Product
Z1450Cork Color-Ready AlphabetAccessory
Z1718Color-Ready Garden Wooden ShapesAccessory
Z1719Color-Ready Evergreen Cork ShapesAccessory
Z1773Color-Ready Noted Canvas ShapesAccessory
Z1350embossing powder topiaryTool
Z1351embossing powder dutch blueTool
X7155CAvonlea Complements Canvas ShapesAccessory
X7156CClementine Complements Canvas ShapesAccessory
X7157CDakota Complements Silver Foil ImagesAccessory
X7159CScholastic My Stickease® Assortment Accessory
X7164CBuzz and Bumble My Stickease® Assortment Accessory
X7166CClaire Complements Canvas ShapesAccessory
X7167CLater Sk8r My Stickease® Assortment Accessory
Z13922" Scallop Circle Punch Tool
Z578Corner RounderTool
Z1326Sparkles Red, Pink & Purple AssortmentAccessory
Z1327Sparkles Blue & Green AssortmentAccessory
Z1710Just Blooms® Paradise Paper FlowersAccessory
BULK233Just Blooms® Flutter Paper Shapes (1" with script)Bulk
Z1612Paper Clip PinsAccessory
Z1827My Creations™ Paper Pouch - Small  Crafts 
Z1828My Creations™ Paper Pouch - Large Crafts 
G1062Workshops on the Go® Canvas Art Kit  WOTG 
Z1734Irresistibles™ Persnickety Journaling SpotsAccessory
Z1755Posh Journaling SpotsAccessory
G1053Workshops on the Go® Chantilly Scrapbooking KitWOTG
G1054Workshops on the Go® Buzz and Bumble Scrapbooking KitWOTG
G1055Workshops on the Go® For Always Scrapbooking KitWOTG
G1056Workshops on the Go® Claire Scrapbooking KitWOTG
G1057Workshops on the Go® Later Sk8r Scrapbooking KitWOTG
G1058Workshops on the Go® Tommy Scrapbooking KitWOTG
G1059Workshops on the Go® Surf's Up Scrapbooking KitWOTG
Z1748Brocade AssortmentAccessory
Z1766Memo AssortmentAccessory
Z1780Wrangler AssortmentAccessory
Z1794Cottage AssortmentAccessory
Z1810Later Sk8r Assortment Accessory
Z1813Claire Assortment Accessory
Z1831Buzz and Bumble Assortment Accessory
X7155BAvonlea Paper PacketPaper Product
X7156BClementine Paper PacketPaper Product
X7157BDakota Paper PacketPaper Product
X7159BScholastic Paper PacketPaper Product
X7164BBuzz and Bumble Paper PacketPaper Product
X7166BClaire Paper PacketPaper Product
X7167BLater Sk8r Paper Packet Paper Product
Z1487Mini Medley Accents Pewter CollectionAccessory
Z1489Mini Medley Accents Olive CollectionAccessory
Z1697Mini-Medley Accents Smoothie CollectionAccessory
Z1736My Creations® Mini BannerCrafts
Z1739My Creations® Milk CartonCrafts
Z1740My Creations® Bookmark Album Crafts
Z1774My Creations® Canvas JournalCrafts
Z1798Black Tulle RibbonAccessory
W1123Spring Summer 2013 B&T Duo SamplerSupply
Z4134Handle and Swivel Baseorganization

A1133Festival of LightsStamp
B1372Circle TogetherStamp
B1395So GratefulStamp
B1396School RocksStamp
B1405Rugged DudeStamp
B1406Blessings of PeaceStamp
B1410A Friend Like YouStamp
C1438Tea TimeStamp
C1461Salutation SealsStamp
C1466Instant MemoriesStamp
C1505Pun FunStamp
C1507Angelic BlessingsStamp
C1508Paisley FlairStamp
C1511Love BloomsStamp
C1520Christmas JoyStamp
D1187For Every OccasionStamp
D1388Card Chatter - ChristmasStamp
D1399Dream BigStamp
D1440Everlasting LifeStamp
D1444A Little ThanksStamp
D1492Christmas LoveStamp
D1517Game OnStamp
D1521Powder HeavenStamp
D1523Sweet MusicStamp
E1010Chocolate Alphabet LargeStamp
E1014Posterboard AlphabetStamp
E1015Cocktail AlphabetStamp
E1017Old World AlphabetStamp
E1018Pennant AlphabetStamp
E1019Bohemian AlphabetStamp
E1020Token AlphabetStamp
E1021Trinity AlphabetStamp
E1022Hero AlphabetStamp
E1023Varsity AlphabetStamp
E1024Keepsake AlphabetStamp
K900Single Name StampStamp
K9012Address Stamp w/o Icon 2 LinesStamp
K9013Address Stamp w/o Icon 3 LinesStamp
K9014Address Stamp w/o Icon 4 LinesStamp
K9022Address Stamp with Icon 2 LinesStamp
K9023Address Stamp with Icon 3 LinesStamp
K9024Address Stamp with Icon 4 LinesStamp
W1600Customized SetStamp