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Friday, July 27, 2007

Celebrating the "Pear"

I started collecting Pears about 24 years ago...we live right smack in the middle of pear orchards. We are not pear farmers, however most of our friends are. At first, mom poo-poo'd the whole collection saying, "you'll never find anything all year long with pears on it". BIG FAT HA HA! I now have over 517 pear objects ranging from earrings to wall hangings, carpets, and yes stamps! I even have a pear collection scrapbook layout of course!
I celebrate the PEAR all year below how others celebrate once a year!
Haley is now 20 and she's only missed 2...once when she was really small and sick, and the day she left for Sweden for a year.

35th Annual
Pear Fair
Sunday, July 29, 2007
9:00 am to 6:00 pm
"Always the last Sunday in July"

The Pear Fair is held in the River Delta town of Courtland which is located 20 miles south of Sacramento on scenic Highway 160. Beat the city heat and come enjoy the glorious 'Delta Breezes' as you celebrate with us!!

The fair offers a wide range of entertainment for everyone and a scrumptious food court with many foods to choose from! Be sure to get your slice of pear pie and pear fritters early before they sell out! To quench your thirst, join us in the Beer and Wine Garden for a cold refreshing Coors or taste some of the local wines of the areas. Don't forget to take home your souvenir wine glass!

Be sure to catch our Parade at 1:00, (haha! for over 30 years, the parade was suppose to start at Noon....never did, so they changed the time!) you will want a good seat for this great tradition! As the day goes on be sure to sit back and enjoy one of the great bands featured at the fair!

Oh and did ya notice...their still GREEN!

Post Pear Fair!

Thursday, July 19, 2007

Green things that make me happy!

It is sooo easy lovin green!

While waiting for my pain meds yesterday at Walgreen's, I had to pick up a few other things like soft food, juices, etc.

Couldn't resist these!
They just made me HAPPY!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Oh, my aching tooth!

No picture know the starts as a " jaw sort of aches", then in a day's time, it's a full throbbing thing.
Well...that's NOT what I have! Oh no...I have to have an old root canal tooth go bad. The crown has been pieced and parted, then re-glued back together. Now the opening and rough spots are just ripping up the inside of my cheek. So tomorrow, I go under.
I want to go under.
I want drugs.
I'm not afraid to admit it.
I begged for drugs during childbirth and 3 Breast Cancer surgeries.
I do better not knowing what's coming, or seeing the dentist anchoring his foot on the chair to get the better grip as he stuffs his fingers, wrist, elbow and arm in my mouth to get the bastard out!
It's not like the tooth is still live. It's dead. Been dead for over 30 years. But the thought of just being BARELY 50 and loosing my first tooth, means I'm getting *gasp* old!

I remember that root canal like it was yesterday. Laying there with the rubber dam anchored on the tooth, with my lips spread open like a turkey's rear end receiving the coveted stuffing. I drove back to work and hit a large white bird and was too upset to stop the car. The security guard at the bank cleared the broken pieces out of the grill, and pronounced dinner was cooked on my radiator.

So tomorrow I will take no chances and have the benefit of a driver. It may be my daughter, Haley...who will soon, too, be going under the drugs to have her wisdom teeth pulled.
And the cycle continues....

Monday, July 16, 2007


Ever had THAT kind of day?
Ya know..the kind where everything you say needs to start off with, "but...but..!"

Well, today the first thing I should have said was, " mojo is off so I'm not coming to work today!"

But (!) everytime I opened my mouth, I inserted foot...stuff I say routinely every day was all garbled...never mind the aching hands, or sore jaw from a really bad tooth that needed to be pulled in Dec 'o5, but...but...I don't want to use up alot of sick time for that!

I DID have a great conversation from someone in the same work environment who said I was sooo fab-u-loso, that he wanted to commend my supervisor for my awesome service! And yup, you guessed it....I needed to say, "but...but... that line is busy!" when I had to say, "I apologize for the delay and hold time!"

So as I was driving home, I realized I forgot to submit the info for time I was off the phones at work (also called "exceptions" from normal schedule)....
but...but...I had forgotten my badge, turned in the temporary badge as I left, so I couldn't get back in the building!
I swear! The only thing I didn't get to say today was
"but...but...officer, I swear....(fill in the blanks)"

Ok, had enough buts?
In case you're wondering whose "butt" this really's Finola. Our broken Mini-Rex.
Her butt's so cute, you don't mind seeing it...
See the wet spot? She's saying,
" poody bucket wasn't close by!"

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Like a Kid in a Candy Store!

What's better than a candy store for a female scrapbooker?
ARCHIVER'S, of course!
While in the Denver/Colorado Springs area recently, I was lucky enough to do a few very special things...
It started with a not-so-lovely morning AND afternoon at the Sacramento Int'l Airport
Visit with my friend Susan (who spent weeks cleaning her house and driving her family crazy)
Attend a SB Retreat at the Create Keepsake Inn
Spoke briefly with the CEO of Hobby Lobby
and..........drum roll please.......
Shopped for the very first time in an Archiver's store!!!

For you NON-scrapbookers who are visiting/reading this, Archiver's is the ubber bestest, largest Scrapbook Chain store (think Border's size!) that (so far!) does not have a California location! Why? Can't imagine! And of course I had to mention that when, on the rare occasion, I wasn't speechless while in the store!
It was...*sigh* unbelievable......

Here it is....MY frame of mind!

This is one of frame of mind!
I love FRAMES! No, not the frames on the walls...the frames on your face (if you're lucky enough to need glasses!) I love em...all colors, all styles. My favorite are from Kaoli, however I still love my Hummers, and Nomad, too.

(I'll get this posting down pat...eventually!)

What's YOUR frame of mind?

I have arrived in the 21st century...or at least BLOGging!

To Blog or not to Blog?
What a silly question!
Simple and easy some would say...however I do wonder....
Would I have enough to say to interest people who by chance stop in to visit?
(that remains to be read!) No doubt the stories of my mom and what it was like to grow up with I Love Lucy in the house would be interesting if not help you check your depends.

Would I be able to convey a message of how your own "frame of mind" can affect things in your everyday crafting life (or life in general otherwise)?

Well...I guess we'll just have to see!

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