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Sunday, August 16, 2015

What is YOUR Smile Worth to You? (edited)

Let me tell you a story…
Lately, I've been having some dental and subsequently some jaw issues. We all know it's the worst thing in the world to have an aching mouth…especially when you talk 8 hours a day for a job.

My dentist and I determined that I have been grinding my teeth. So badly that all of my back teeth are loose. So now I sleep with a splint. Ugh, not fun. Hopefully this will put off further damage.
This is really nothing in the grand scheme of things, but sometimes it even hurts to smile!
Nothing that like of a child who would never HAVE a smile or normal life.

Quite a few years back, Close To My Heart became a Corporate sponsor of Operation Smile.
On the off chance you have never heard of OS, you can read about their charity work here.

We've had many fund raisers for OS…crops, 5k runs in Disneyland, and of course auctions!
Live and exciting auctions of beautiful pieces of artwork made by our consultants.

This year while at Convention, I was wandering through empty rooms of the artists viewing their presentations unfettered by others jockeying in for pictures.
I came across a certain piece, that for some reason just grabbed me by the healed broken shoulder and heart. It was in line with the theme of Convention…UP!
But it also carried a message of hope for me.
"The Adventure is out there" means many things to me.

I had to have it. It belongs with me and for all of the new adventures coming my way.
Here are both works of art…The auction item I WON, and it's creator Jamie Chambers Turner.

(not sure about the goofy smile I had…but at least I HAD one to give~!)

I think we were both shocked with the number of ladies who were going neck and neck as the numbers grew. That number itself isn't important (although admittedly I had to have a martini as I wrote the check)!!!

What IS an important number is 5.7something SMILE surgeries and lives changed!
Mom was either yelling, "WTH are you thinking?" oooor "WTH go for it"! I'll go with the later.

So with our UP! and coming Open House, I'll be sharing this wonderful piece of hope for me and 5 other families along with a special stamp set that with every purchase CTMH will donate $7 of the price.

Here's a sneak peek of a few humble pieces of artwork I created using the set.

 I call this one "Whale, hallo there Clarice"….*snort, crack myself up!

Hope to see you at the Open House on the 23rd!
If you are coming you'll have the chance to be a sponsor too!
I will have a Bling Buffet featuring our retired Base and Bling line and an exclusive sheet of decor stickers that are specifically for OS fund raisers. $2 with every set  purchasedwill go right back to OS!

Raffle prizes, Make n Take, Cash and Carry sale, and the best release of NEW PRODUCTS!
It's gonna be epic!

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Get Organized and Get Free Schtuff and OPEN HOUSE!

I don't know about you, but I love, love LOVE everything in it's place.
(well not right at this moment, but that's between us, um-kay?)
Anyhoot, our fabulous new Roll-ups are a great way to start…I hate it when my markers flip out of the mini basket or the zipper gets stuck on my pen holders. These are AWESOME!
Got Bling? 
The Accessory roll-ups are great for all the charms in your life or your other small embellies.

August Stamp of the Month

There's a PARTY goin' on here to place your order!

Our Annual Open House going to be a blast this year!
ALL new products will be on display with the Fab-Four!

With a FREE Make n Take, raffle prizes AND a fabulous CASH & CARRY blow-out sale, you will not want to miss it!
AUGUST 23rd 2:30-5:30'ish pm
email me for location details!

Saturday, August 1, 2015

We Want You Back!

No I won't sing the song, but the message is still the same!

Are you a former Consultant? When you re-sign up to be a Close To My Heart Consultant during August using the same email address from your previous Consultant account, you have the opportunity to pick from either a “business building essentials” version of the New Consultant Kit for $49 USD  or a regular New Consultant Kit for $129 USD. Simply click “Let’s Get Started” above, and log in to your Close To My Heart account using that same email to qualify!

Now I'll let the professional sing that song!

Get Ready…Get Set….

Well, I can't say GO yet, but by tomorrow you'll see where I've been~ hehe

My annual trek to Close To My Heart's Convention began with Disneyland visit first.
I am happy to report that the only thing broken this year was a fingernail. Whew!
No Cabana Boys were allowed with an eagle eye's view for me and I had a lot of friends helping!

Disney sure knows how to put on a Celebration, 60 never looked so good with so many memories…

And then Convention 2015 started and I celebrated my 20th anniversary with Close to My Heart. 20 YEARS! Wow!
It was very uplifting…

And I could not have done it without these very special ladies!

I'll be posting a bit later today again!
Until then…..hold on, it's going to be very surprising!