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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Homecoming 2008

Homecoming...that word can mean a lot of things. But for me, it's a fun night with my Alumni of Encina High School that I always look forward to.

The Apaches, of course, have been replaced by the Bulldogs, but that doesn't mean that we have any less spirit.

Kudos to the Dawgs...not only did they produce a pretty darn good float for the Alumni, but they won the game 56-36!!

We did what we do best BEFORE the game!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Ode da Perfect Circle...

Ya know how I just L@@VE all the advantages of clear acrylix stamps from Close To My Heart?
Perfect placement every time!
Storage issues solved!
Lasts a life time (although whose I'm not quite sure)!
Cost effective to be sure!

Well, sometimes....I wish for a great wood mount stamp and my good ol PAST
(place a stamp tool)

Here lies my dilemma...
Placing this perfect circle stamp

On this clear block

to be exactly stamped on the outer edge of this circle page from our Circle Albums.

Easy enough you say?
See I can't draw, therefore I leave it to others to design all my favorite images and styles.
If I could draw (even little repeat squares) I'd still have my hair right now.
So here's my first attempt

ok, it wasn't TOO bad...but still not quite a full circle.
Here's my second attempt

hmmmmm not much better, eh?
Here we go again...number 3. 3rd time is suppose to be the charmer, right?
whattaya think?

and the 4th time???
Never mind because at that point I flicked the stupid fabulous acrylix stamp and it stuck to the the shape of a perfect circle I might add. And in spite of my inclination to just run the block over there and press it on there, I had to walk away for a brief moment.

Ok, this is reDICKulous! I am a professional after all...note how I did NOT say PERFECTIONIST!

K,'s what I did...

Lay the stamp set rubber er...acrylix down on it's foam sheet.

it's not really upside down in the photo, k? Just go with the flow here.....

Lay that lovely Acrylix block on TOP

ha! get where I'm goin here?

Now...simple take the stamp and lay on the block while using it's master pattern from the set!
and VIOLA!

Now ink and stamp....

ode da PERFECT circle!
Now, go order the block buddies from me on my website...
item # Z1289

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

A challenge of sorts...

My friend Erin got this really cute top with some fab colors and posted a challenge to create something in like colors!
Ha! Go me...I love the colors so much last March....VIOLA!

Card Organizer Lunch Box

Since I'm in mind-numb mode, I thought I'd reach into my "oldie but goodie" files and share.
I love making these as gifts...definitely one-of-a-kind!
Not too difficult...just run your paper pieces through a Xyron (or use a very good adhesive such as the ATG tape runner). Of course you have to shabby chic up the handle with ribbon!

I ran the cardstock through my printer to add the lines (just set up your template, print on plain paper, then use temporary adhesive such as Dotto and lay the cardstock right over the sample print area, place the paper back in your printer and print again.

And here's another one...LOVE these papers and colors!

Monday, September 15, 2008

What's new?

not much here...just "clownin' around" at our Volunteer Day at Ronald McDonald House....

New stamp set and papers!

Love the new Paper pack from CTMH called Perfect Day. The stamp set is called Life's Creations...
Other products used; our new Mini Medley Spring Blossom Collection
and new cardstock colors Juniper and Tulip

My Creations Display Album-Family Fun

Close To My Heart has this darling mini album that sits on a desk, mantel or is a great item to hold embellishments, too!

Another new supervisor at work...the tradition continues that even though I make them a mini album, they have to add the pictures (whether they know how to SB or not!)

(sorry there is a weird green light reflection on the cover!)

Cover Page:

These last two pages are for pictures of her darling 2 yr old grandson...
again sorry a tad blurry!

(and uh, no! I did not sew on the layouts...Yes! it's a stamp!)

Monday, September 1, 2008

Relax, Refreshing and Renew Florida Memories

Cover Front;
I shamelessly copied one of Tresa Black's …I just love the picture peeking through the front!
I used our Circle Window Charms to highlight the words for Relax, Refresh to go with my title Renew (as in our friendship)

Inside Front Cover & First page (at Cocoa Beach);
This is the intro about how long it had been seen we’d seen each other…

Next set;
Left side shows my friend and her youngest daughter Emily and GRANDson!
Rub-ons that say “Happiness is…

You see one of the tag pages with the Rub-on “Family” and also the Alphas that say
“Life” peeking out from the next page.
From left, Peggy's husband Mark, daughter Jessica, her husband Dan and on the right, Peggy and I.

Back side of the Tag the says “Wild” (hee hee, this is her wild child with grandson)
and the complete side of “Life” that represents all the cool Wild Life I saw while there, including a dolphin in the canal right behind her house, Manatees, and Florida Heron.

I love this one of a cruise we took! The colors were soo vivid!
It's funny that the residents refer to Banana River, Indian River, etc.
We learned from Captain Sue and her 1st Mate Jack the 3 important reasons why it's really a Lagoon, NOT a river!

Opposite side;

Shopping at Cocoa Beach and our great new Merrell sandals..

Just hanging around her house and veggin:
The top photo is of Cocoa Beach, the bottom photos were all pretty much the back side of her house, pool, canal and her husband's boat "Goin Deep".

Our day at JFK Space Center which was incredible!

Here's one of those acrylic scraps I used!

And another couple of the Tags

A few guys I tried to pick up...

Back sides of the Tags:

The building on the left is where they actually build the give you an idea of how big it is, the flag alone is 6 STORIES high!
Then one of the new launch pads they use..(did ya know it takes 8 HOURS to move the shuttle out to the launch site? wowzah!

This guy at the hotel saw us huggin and crying when she dropped me off at Convention and nicely said, “here, let me take a picture for you!” Thanks pal.

And using another scrap, I used a goofy picture of her Grandson to add on last.