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Monday, May 1, 2017

We interrupt our scheduled posts on Live Beautifully layouts and present...Little Dreamer

It's really nice when CTMH introduces papers that match my great-niece's wardrobe.
(or as most of us do, we shop to match the I right?)

Introducing Little Dream Paper Pack in the new Seasonal Expressions!
Can you imagine me boinging up and down with glee when I saw these papers just knowing which pictures I would use?!

Any Addison's mommy may or may not have seen this idea on Pinterest, but regardless it was a brilliant idea to use photos of Addie through the age of 2 and shaped them like the 2 above as part of her decor.

You can view the entire Little Dreamer paper pack here
Try to be Awesome and if a Unicorn!

May 2017 National Scrapbooking Month Live Beautifully/Seasonal Expressions

Oops! I've done it again and sorely neglected my's just easier to snap a photo on my phone and upload to Facebook.
I'll try harder, honest.

This month Close to my Heart and I bring you "Live Beautifully" available on my website.
Here is the kit, and seriously? Pictures and glue. That's all you need folks!

I'll be picking one from the Kit as I collect photos and post!
And here's the other big, REALLY big News!

Click here to see it and contact me for your copy!