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Sunday, February 28, 2010

This n that...

isn't a post of artwork or a another  hilarious "I ran over my foot with my own car" story.
I'm watching (well the TV is on) the closing evening of the Olympics. Won't even mention the CAN vs USA Hockey game. There were a lot of emotional moments this year...beginning with the death of a Georgian, the death of one of the skaters' mom, and ok, I gotta say it...the loss to CAN in the Hockey game. That was a low!.
It brought a lot of emotional highs and lows to mind, but one that stands out as of this week.

Recently, a long lost cousin had "found" us again! Which is definitely a high! Mom and I sifted through boxes of photos so that she could "find" her childhood again.
*can I just interrupt this post for a moment to get up on my soapbox and yell at the top of my lungs the following PSA?
Peoples! Write the who/what/when on the back of your photos...NOW please!

Ok, back to our scheduled blubbering (and the RE-opening of the Olympics, eh?) we were looking through the gazillion photos of non-persona peoples, we finally found quite of few of my cousin...she was as cute as a button. I can't wait to send them off to her to share with her kids. I remembered things about her childhood that weren't exactly "normal". No one childhood is the same as another. But I do think that children can either be a product of their environment or rise above it inspite of the lemons.

When I tell ya I grew with "I Love Lucy" as a mom, yea...I'm a product of that environment.
And I think of my cousin and how she has not only made a lot of lemonade, but it's a pretty sweet batch at that.

That: is the ultimate high.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

and all that Art...

I was browsing one of my Team Member's blog and saw a super cute, simple card and said to myself, "self, you gots tons of papers, get to it!" and so I did...
thanks Margo! *waving*                                                      
click here to see her really cute artwork.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Another Fab SB Getaway!

Sorry a tad late...but as soon as my vacation was over, I got the creepy coughy cold thing going around and went back to work to rest!

I actually got some scrapping done at our Stampin' Memories this time! We were fortunate enough to be able to stay an extra nite, and since I didn't have any hostess duties, got right down to scrapping!

In May of '09, we celebrated 10 Scrappin Years together! Wow! That's somethin, eh?
Here's a layout I did to celebrate the event...I usually don't handwrite my journaling but as someone better than I mentioned that our handwriting is as important as the story...of course she had really, really cute penmanship! just click on the picture if you dare to read the story...

 Haven't done the title area to intro the great, special guest that weekend, Bren Yule!

I love the topper, which I used the fab acrylix stamps to "split" the words...

Saturday, February 6, 2010

What You Lookin' at?

This could be my mood today...5 days without a coffee pot can do that to a person.

For the lack of anything remotely exciting happenin' n da Hood, I thought I'd grab some random shots of Haley's adventures down Under and share with you. It's nice to live through the adventures of someone's youth who has traveled the world whilst I live n' da Hood. 

Her traveling companion.

Not to out-do her mother, drama all around at the airport but she made it!

and how nice that the Aussie's planned fireworks for her arrival!

Then they were nice enough to share the worst dust storm in over 70 years with her...
The girl can make friends wherever she lands.

Most of those new friends had 2 legs...
Some had 4 legs +....

and like her friends back home, some like to lay around and appear drunk all danged day!