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Sunday, July 15, 2007

Like a Kid in a Candy Store!

What's better than a candy store for a female scrapbooker?
ARCHIVER'S, of course!
While in the Denver/Colorado Springs area recently, I was lucky enough to do a few very special things...
It started with a not-so-lovely morning AND afternoon at the Sacramento Int'l Airport
Visit with my friend Susan (who spent weeks cleaning her house and driving her family crazy)
Attend a SB Retreat at the Create Keepsake Inn
Spoke briefly with the CEO of Hobby Lobby
and..........drum roll please.......
Shopped for the very first time in an Archiver's store!!!

For you NON-scrapbookers who are visiting/reading this, Archiver's is the ubber bestest, largest Scrapbook Chain store (think Border's size!) that (so far!) does not have a California location! Why? Can't imagine! And of course I had to mention that when, on the rare occasion, I wasn't speechless while in the store!
It was...*sigh* unbelievable......

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