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Monday, July 16, 2007


Ever had THAT kind of day?
Ya know..the kind where everything you say needs to start off with, "but...but..!"

Well, today the first thing I should have said was, " mojo is off so I'm not coming to work today!"

But (!) everytime I opened my mouth, I inserted foot...stuff I say routinely every day was all garbled...never mind the aching hands, or sore jaw from a really bad tooth that needed to be pulled in Dec 'o5, but...but...I don't want to use up alot of sick time for that!

I DID have a great conversation from someone in the same work environment who said I was sooo fab-u-loso, that he wanted to commend my supervisor for my awesome service! And yup, you guessed it....I needed to say, "but...but... that line is busy!" when I had to say, "I apologize for the delay and hold time!"

So as I was driving home, I realized I forgot to submit the info for time I was off the phones at work (also called "exceptions" from normal schedule)....
but...but...I had forgotten my badge, turned in the temporary badge as I left, so I couldn't get back in the building!
I swear! The only thing I didn't get to say today was
"but...but...officer, I swear....(fill in the blanks)"

Ok, had enough buts?
In case you're wondering whose "butt" this really's Finola. Our broken Mini-Rex.
Her butt's so cute, you don't mind seeing it...
See the wet spot? She's saying,
" poody bucket wasn't close by!"


Juel said...

Yep somedays we are the "But", hope your day was better!! Check out my blog cause you have been tagged.....he he he. Answer the lovely guestions and post them to your blog.

Mary said...

Somebody else has a bunny! We currently have two ;-) I love my bunnies! Mine think they are cats, of which we already have 3.
I love the feel of fur on my feet when I'm stamping or scrapping or blog-reading.