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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Oh, my aching tooth!

No picture know the starts as a " jaw sort of aches", then in a day's time, it's a full throbbing thing.
Well...that's NOT what I have! Oh no...I have to have an old root canal tooth go bad. The crown has been pieced and parted, then re-glued back together. Now the opening and rough spots are just ripping up the inside of my cheek. So tomorrow, I go under.
I want to go under.
I want drugs.
I'm not afraid to admit it.
I begged for drugs during childbirth and 3 Breast Cancer surgeries.
I do better not knowing what's coming, or seeing the dentist anchoring his foot on the chair to get the better grip as he stuffs his fingers, wrist, elbow and arm in my mouth to get the bastard out!
It's not like the tooth is still live. It's dead. Been dead for over 30 years. But the thought of just being BARELY 50 and loosing my first tooth, means I'm getting *gasp* old!

I remember that root canal like it was yesterday. Laying there with the rubber dam anchored on the tooth, with my lips spread open like a turkey's rear end receiving the coveted stuffing. I drove back to work and hit a large white bird and was too upset to stop the car. The security guard at the bank cleared the broken pieces out of the grill, and pronounced dinner was cooked on my radiator.

So tomorrow I will take no chances and have the benefit of a driver. It may be my daughter, Haley...who will soon, too, be going under the drugs to have her wisdom teeth pulled.
And the cycle continues....


Pammie said...

Thanks Terri - I needed that! Not that I am taking pleasure in your discomfort but the 'turkey's rear' is what really got me 'jigglin' and now *it* hurts again... but laughing is good... soooo good! Hope you get relief soon - I have had my fair share of teeth issues except I am one of those freeks that takes pleasure in viewing the denists arm decend into the cavity known as my mouth! Take care and remember ICE ICE BABY

Stampin n da Hood said...

Thanks Pammie!
As a PS;
I lived. More important, Dr. lived!
As I was waiting, I said,"I'll have my IV 'tini' now please, but hold the olives til later...they tend to block the tubing."

Later, my "driver" told everyone I made the Dr. crack up...the staff was very impressed.

Pammie said...

OH crack me up. Good to hear you made it through and I can totally see how Olives would mess with the tubing! MWAH MWAH

The Cute & Adorable, Yet Ever So Humble, mE said...


Terri, sorry to hear about your bad root canal! Your post sure had me laughing, too, though I don't have the same jiggling/pain issue as dear Pammie... hehehe....

Gotta hate trips to the dentist and root canals, etc. (I've had 2 rc's... they SUCK!) Thank goodness for the "iv"tini...mmmmmmmm.... !!! Usually I get to schedule a 2nd visit to fix something each time I go in for a cleaning... luckily this time I got a clean bill of health!