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Sunday, September 9, 2007

A day to just be.....

Whatever floats your boat, 6Flags (aka MarineWorldUSA) has it all...
Our company sponsored our annual picnic there this year (yup! parking, entrance, food and drinks!!!) and I took Haley and her BF Chris.
They took off to do their thing, while one of my co-workers and I just did adult things like the animal shows and getting lost.

Fab time!
Here's a traditional photo op in front of the fountain!


Susan H said...

This may sound silly...but hey, that's me!! I didn't realize before this photo just how "alike" you and Haley "look"!! WOW!! Great photo and gotta love the trendy green stuff you wore to your picnic... ~ Susan
P.S. What's Haley got around her neck?? It appears to be a stuffed animal/small child's backpack thingy??

Stampin n da Hood said...

ah yes...the hangie fuzzy animal thingie was something "he" won for her at a carnie booth!