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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

i Dare You....

As of late, I've been wallowing in my own frustrations of a long commute, nerve wracking job, and just every day life.
I needed a big kick in the ass to say, "see? you don't have it so bad".

Well, I found that big kick in the ass and I have a dare for's a big challenge.
Be forewarned...
You will need tissues...
You will need an hour, or two or a day or week...or come back to it every time you need a big kick in the ass OR
a song in your heart OR
to see/feel that life is full of blessings that come in many different sizes and people celebrate them to the fullest.

I DARE you to read this blog to
Enjoy the Smallest Blessings

1 comment:

Tracey Mason's Studio said...

Thank you Terri! I needed a serious kick in the ass and that sure did it. So beautiful and moving.