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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Love...just LOVE Gadgets! *Edited*

I love gadgets...and am an enabler.
Which means I love people who love gadgets and then enable me to enable others to love them, too.
does that make sense? just "checkin' in on that.

Anyhoot! I love this gal...Stacy Julian.

She's a MAJOR enabler in my life.
A few things that she brought to my life (other than the obvious love of scrapbooking and all that comes with it) are my favorite green shoes.
fabulous sale

And these, which make me very happy, too!

and now of course......

Well, since we're BFF's and all, we both love

What's a girl gonna do?
I think I should use this little pup to collect all cool green things that she's enabled  me to bring into my life and scrapbook them!


Anonymous said...

This is too cool.
I've worn out my green shoes to the point that I should just buy another pair.

And, I'm so glad you're liking the little balloon speaker!!

Thank you so much for this silly (and sweet tribute) It means the world!

kath001 said...

I am not a gadget person, but I LOVE LOVE LOVE those shoes!!! Info please...brand and where to order! I'm very interested in that little balloon speaker too. Info on it too, please.

Juel said...

Yep got to know where you got those shoes!!