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Sunday, October 31, 2010

The 3 Muskateers…40 years later!

40 years ago:
I was a puny freshman in High School and met up with these 2 others.
As the world around us was changing, we endured many things in those few short years that we were inseparable…wars, presidential failures, women's rights coming to the forefront again…how hormones defined us or ruled us.
There was a lot more hair involved…and a lot less weight for a couple of us.
We were not wild rich kids but lived in a beautiful newly developed area only a few blocks apart.
There were no cell phones, or computers only the iconic telephone that we hung on for hours even after just leaving each at the bus stop.

One Day ago:
We reunited.
The reunion involved tears, laughter, great food and I'm pretty sure, a lot of alcohol.
We found out that other than a few years out of the 40, we were within 30 miles of each other and never knew it.
We shared the loss of loved ones, family dynamics, our careers, and tried to solve many current social issues as well.
We all sound EXACTLY the same as we did 40 years ago but would not have recognized each other walking down the street.
There are now 2 new sets of email addresses, cell phone numbers and home addresses in my phone and I will GPS them a couple times a week to know I haven't lost track of them again.

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