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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

May the 4th Be With You...

ha! I love that saying for the eve of Cinco De Mayo!
As I can see (and you of course as well), it's been a while since I've blogged.
I am truly sorry bout that…truly and ruly. Lots going on other than the normal one hour commute each way to and fro work and then the required 8 hours.
I've been selling packs of hand-made cards as you can see from previous posts, can't make 'em fast enough actually. I've also been trying to finish up some projects just laying around, too. Photos coming of those WHEN I actually finish them! ha!
I've also been fortunate to be chosen to assist with training of new hires at work, and even though I am not on the phones, per se, it really makes ya think hard back to basics and to KISS (keep it simple, stupid!) They don't know what I it's important to show the way not just TELL the way. Know what I mean? So that makes your brain have to slow down and concentrate for their sake..I can truly say that I am brain fried at night! Why…I can barely kick my cousin's *ss in a game of Word Feud anymore!

Anyhoot; so what's new with Close To My Heart you ask?
Well BIG NEWS for sure!
First, of course, it's NATIONAL SCRAPBOOK MONTH!
And here's a picture of the special kit created just for this month:
Get it free or purchase outright…beautiful and such a deal!

Second (getting wordy here, but to the point!)
Our business kit is now HALF OFF! That's right…you can join for $65. AND choose 3 out of 5 of the additional business kits! You also get the You & Me kit free as well. It's a win, win and a great economical way to receive over $300 worth of products whether you use it as a business or not.
I can't list all the features and benefits here (now THAT would be wordy!) so you'll have to hop on over to my website to check it all out!

And I hope you enjoy your very, merry month of May!

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