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Thursday, February 16, 2012

I Had an Interest in Pinns...

And now I am hooked.
This new site (or new to me!) is a vortex…of your time.
It's not a bitch-about-this-person type site.
It's not a rag-about-your-ex or soon-to-be-ex.
It's not for complaining about your job or love-life or lack thereof.

It IS a site where you find something cool and "pin-it" to share with a gazillion others.
You can "follow" those gazillion others without reading about the above.
It's called Pinterest.
Be forewarned. It's worse than Facebook on your time. I have to set an egg-timer (numerous times) to curtail my Pinning.
Here's a few things I've found to put on my boards.
Directions can be found here
Directions can be found here
or…if you have some beautiful scrapbook papers and an empty wall…
SO what are you waiting for?!
Sign up for free, follow-me and let's get PINN-ed!


kath001 said...

I can't seem to 'find' you. Probably because my Pinterest account is under my blog facebook account. Could you do me a big favor please? Go to my blog, and click on the 'Follow Me On Pinterest' button...or else add one to your blog so I can click it. Man I love Pinterest!

kath001 said...

RE: my paint speckled glasses.

Okay, Terri. I trust your 'frame' of reference. :) But if they laugh or give me a hard time, I'm blaming you! LOL

And thanks for the advice.