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Tuesday, August 14, 2012

The Gift of Sight-Shades of CTMH

Sunday before last, I read this article in the Sacramento Bee about Connie's Crew.

The first words that smacked me in the face were Breast Cancer…then when I recovered from that, the next words to create a dew on my forehead was High School friends and then the sight that made my heart go pitter-patter was the youngest boy wearing glasses.

Now all of the above are things close to my heart. Most of you know I am a 12 year Survivor of Breast Cancer…some know that my support system and Venti (biggest) fans were my High School buds…and then of course, I am in the Vision world professionally.

We hear about Breast Cancer 1 in 8 women will be affected by invasive  Breast Cancer in her lifetime. I am not immune to the data or facts. I am emotionally touched by every person (not just women) who are affected. I can't do something for every single one…I go for the gusto and support those whose mission is to the find the cure.
Had a ever met her? Nope. Ever shared space in a Starbucks with her? Nope.
But sometimes….somethings….and one someone catches my heart and grabs it worse than a childbearing contraction. This article about this woman did just that.

I have an awesome employer that does awesome things Community based.
Yes, sometimes I don't have pleasant thoughts about the job per se, but you can't beat an employer that gives so much, whether disaster victims, local sports sponsorships, and scholarships, Wellness Clinics for Vets, Team Sponsorships for the SGKomen Race for the Cure, Walk for Diabetes, March of Dimes and more. Let's not forget Cake Day every month, and believe it or not Bonuses!

One thing new this year was H.E.L.P (Healthy Eye Laision Program) for the employees. We are each given one Gift Certificate to share with anyone…friend, family or stranger for an eye exam and glasses. Well…you guessed it. This was THE thing I could do for Connie and her family. Four of my Team Members when asked, didn't hesitate to volunteer theirs so that we could have a total of five.

This past Saturday night was the Benefit Concert and Silent Auction Fundraiser and I was honored and humbled to deliver these to Connie.

So I voluntold my Cricut machine to make some cute decor for each Gift Certificate

And I delivered them…in a Tu-Tu…as the Vision Fairy

Later I will share the reactions of those around me as I left a touch of glitter on everyone.

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