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Sunday, March 24, 2013

PINNED it…Nailed It!

 I must be too tired to post tonite because this is the second try!..I've been cleaning all day with my newest find on Pinterest (Dawn Dishsoap and White Vinegar!) Nailed that dirty refrigerator, but there will be no pictures here on that!

However, it did give me the idear to share with you some other things I have seen, Pinned and successfully Nailed!
Here's the original:

Here's my version! Love it for my Studio which is in greens and pink!
(never mind the green and blue rug please, this is the Studio overflow room AKA the guest room!)

Went to Colorado last summer to visit DD after she moved there and got crafty while she was at work…saw this:

Our version!
We bought a set of spare pillow cases that would match her bedroom and used just one.

Speaking of the Studio, I really did reorganize a lot of things into the overflow room and have made better use of the space in there while still have a futon for guests.
I made four of these:
I can't find the original but they had more poufy type tops…I needed to stack mine.

These were cute!

But I didn't have any boy toys…and no boys in the house to speak of…
I have a Cricut machine that cuts out anything in the world and using the Cricut vinyl
I made these for quick and cheap gifts! (buy the soaps/hand sanitizers at the $1 store)

So far, all my PIN-periments have worked out great!

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