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Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Oh, gimme a break!

After the worst year ever, I was ready for a long break and vacation…2 full weeks!
The plan was to start here…and it did. 2 great days of Disney with my team prior to Convention.

 Then on day 3, a little trip out by the hotel pool (there may have been a Cabana Boy involved) landed me in 2 ERs after seeing Dr Mickey Mouse at Disney's Medical Clinic. Hello Cigna? I delayed surgery. Come ON! NOT the kind of break I was counting on! Surgery? In Anaheim? Ain't happening' people!

Fix me up, Doc…I have a Convention to attend!
 Yes, I'll be taken care of...

And then I had my girl and her little dog and friends to see!

Surgery had to wait until I got home…
Stay tuned

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