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Sunday, February 1, 2015

February and a few NEW arrivals!

February is for the "love" of all things and people.
Celebrations of Love.  Love to celebrate.

I love my sweet daughter who just turned 28. Twenty EIGHT?! Wow! Where did those years go?
Some are a blur for me, some I wish didn't happen, some shouldn't have happened. Somehow in spite of tough years, she turned out A-Okay!

LOVE the woman she's become and her adventurous spirit. She's now living in Kansas…yes Kansas!
And YES, with her little dog Bugsy, too. 

Here was her birthday card this year…

Our February Stamp of the Month will be a big hit and will only be $5.00 after you choose…Drum roll

Your choice of our NEW Albums! Aren't they gorgeous?!
Purchase one and receive the 2nd for half price…how sweet is that?
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Speaking of NEW ARRIVALS…
Addison Jo arrived January 21st and it was LOVE at first sight for everyone in the family!

 Can't wait to meet Miss Addie Jo and snuggle her with more LOVE!

Stay tuned for more LOVE!

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kath001 said...

That is an adorable birthday card for an adorable birthday girl!