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Thursday, November 8, 2007

Well...I survived but San Francisco did NOT!

The few times I've been in San Francisco, earth shattering events have taken place.
I thought I'd gotten past that track record with a short business trip I took yesterday/today.
But OH NOOOO...uh uh...not with me on the rock!

Ok...little history here...
First time....
Remember the so called "twinkie defense"?
I was there on a JR College field trip, November 1978.
A guy claims eating twinkies impaired him and he went on a shooting spree killing Mayor Moscone and another...Yup! I was in City Hall at the time.

Fast foward 11 years...
The Loma Prieta Earthquake
Yup I was there too...7.2 at 5:04pm
It took 2 days to get me outta there!

Fast forward 18 years...
I arrived Tuesday morning for a Benefit presentation and guessed it...

I wondered why they were escorting me out of the city!

(sorry my link-maker isn't working and I'm too pooped to dink with it!)

Maybe I should just do what the sign says and stay in....

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