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Saturday, November 24, 2007

Friends Far and Dear

You KNOW you have good friends who when some are together but a few are apart, still make you a part of the fun!

Here are my friends Erin from Utah and Alisha from Oregon together...
and of course Susan and I had to find a way to join in the fun...
that's me on the right (phone)!

Dear, dear friends.

Thursday, November 22, 2007


If Thanksgiving dinner were up to me, this is the stage I would be at right about now!
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but thankfullyit's not up to me.

Don't get me wrong, I love a good traditional dinner, but if one thing goes wrong (ie; the can opener doesn't go smoothly around the rim of the cranberry sauce) I have anxiety attacks. So I leave subtle hints about what we should have, and poof! it's there!

My job, of course, is to make sure the toilets are cleaned, Halloween decorations (aka spiderwebs) are gone and hor d orves are on the table. I can do that!

This year, gratitude will take on a whole new theme for us as we are faced with a loved one with a life threatening illness.

I am truly grateful that my own little family will all be together this year.
Ya just never know if it'll be for the last time.

Give Thanks.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

What do you do when your order doesn't arrive?

That was the question put to me by a co-worker/FRIEND/mom of 3 who was planning the end of the year soccer banquet when her Oriental Trading order didn't come in time.

So I loaded up my Cricut, scraps of paper n glues and from 7:30pm til 11:30 pm, THIS is what we come up with!

Here's the Team photo and it's opposite page...the others were left blank for each of the girls to add their own photos.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Well...I survived but San Francisco did NOT!

The few times I've been in San Francisco, earth shattering events have taken place.
I thought I'd gotten past that track record with a short business trip I took yesterday/today.
But OH NOOOO...uh uh...not with me on the rock!

Ok...little history here...
First time....
Remember the so called "twinkie defense"?
I was there on a JR College field trip, November 1978.
A guy claims eating twinkies impaired him and he went on a shooting spree killing Mayor Moscone and another...Yup! I was in City Hall at the time.

Fast foward 11 years...
The Loma Prieta Earthquake
Yup I was there too...7.2 at 5:04pm
It took 2 days to get me outta there!

Fast forward 18 years...
I arrived Tuesday morning for a Benefit presentation and guessed it...

I wondered why they were escorting me out of the city!

(sorry my link-maker isn't working and I'm too pooped to dink with it!)

Maybe I should just do what the sign says and stay in....

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Ever have one of those days...

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where you take all the help you can get?

Seasons do Children

This is one of those "omygosh" type photos....what you see in the upper left is a framed photo on the wall of Haley as a pre-schooler.....eyes looking up into her future (she seems to be thinking, what will I be when I grow up?)
She was sooo cute at that favorite actually. My blonde-blue eyed angel.

Ok, so fast forward 17 years. It took a wig to make her my blonde-blue eyed angel again! How she's changed...I've said it here before,