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Saturday, April 26, 2008

the FOCUS was on t!m today!

The "focus" was definitely on t!m today!
However, his decorated tin although suited for and made by him, could be the same said for "my frame of mind", too!
I love those antique refractors!

We were lucky enough to first have a little meet n greet as we headed back to the classroom. Then we watched er gawked as he went through all the cool things to do with his Grungeboard line...I love that stuff...had to grab some more in the store.
Then of course we gaped as he altered, distressed, scratched, poked, crackled (as in paint) more Grungeboard. (had to go back in store to get the "scratcher") That was forehead THUNKer #1 !
After this 45 min (is that all?!) presentation, we went out to do a make n take...with what else? Grungeboard! (cute strips to make a bracelet that had his sig-line) and we played with Daubers to distress it.
Headed out to get a bite to eat, run some errands, then back for the 2nd presentation. Man! That MAN knows his stuff! Especially the alchol inks, and really cool other techniques (this is where forehead THUNKIN #2 came in).
He also gave us the heads-up on some new "stuff" coming out soon too!

t!m is such a cool guy. Some of the gals who will be cruising with him to Alaska next month were there (hi barb from Redding) and I soooo wish I could hide in one of their suitcases!

I know my brain was on over-load (not unlike our annual Conventions) I couldn't even begin to describe all the awesome stuff he did...but just like any other entrepreneur, they are ALL available on his dvds!

what a fun day it was meeting the totally freekin genius t!m holtz!


Kristine Paisley said...

Hey Terri! Great to meet you today :) - that is a lovely photo of you and Tim! Hope our paths cross again one day.

Kathy said...

I am SO green with envy! Lucky you! And by the way, you two look good together! LOL

The Cute & Adorable, Yet Ever So Humble, mE said...



NO WAY! You LUCKY, LUCKY, LUCKY girl!!!! I would have loved to have attended that demonstration! I can't wait to hear more and see more cool stuff from your experience!


scrappernic said...

I am so jealous! Wowie!! I can't wait to see the cool stuff you made :0 I just love him!