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Sunday, April 27, 2008

"Sew" what?

A friend of mine had her annual retreat in Idaho in February and made some DARLING! little cloth satchels for her guests...
Since Stampin Memories SB Getaway is coming up for us in May, I said to myself, "self, you can sew!"
Got that thinga-majig portable bobbin threader and powered up that sewing machine...
Now mind you that while Tresa is "Fabulously Artsy" I am absolutely Fartsy, and had some major meltdowns (seriously) but made it through...

She is sew Fabulous, that she even put the directions on her blog...check it out and click here.

Now...check out my version!

Oh and just in case you are one of the guests sneaking a peek, I won't say who this one is for. Yes...each one will be color coordinated to the recipient.


Beth said...

They are going to love these!! SO fabulous!
I might have to try myself - not sure if it will really happen tho!!!

Nicole said...

*giggle* I LOVE your version!! they are sooo incredibly cute but you prettied it up with all the colors. I just love this!