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Saturday, May 3, 2008

It's National Scrapbook Day!

Sorry I haven't fallen-all-out over NSB see, I celebrate it all year long.
Local Scrapbook stores are having crop-til-ya-drop events...
All the on-line stores are having sales...
Some of my fav bloggers are doing awesome tutorials...
Me? I'm just dealing with everyday life...('member the nails and hair I neglected because of t!m holtz' visit?!) gotta deal with that today!

I do scrapbook! Ya know I do...
Just can't do a hype thing about this weekend...sorry folks.
BUT I will say that if a designated day helps my customers and friends get motivated, then by all means!

Here are some very noteworthy happenins;

E and B's FABULOUS ink storage systems are on SALE!

check out t!m's May Challenge...(it will definitely INSPIRE you with endless ideas!)
May Challenge

Crack up with Cathy Z's Challenges

If you're local to the Rocklin/Roseville area, stop by
My Green Tangerines

In the Elk Grove area?
Check out Heart 2 Heart Memories

and of course, Stamper's Corner, too!

and HEY! let's not forget; THIS ONE, TOO!

don't forget to click on the National Scrapbook Day'll take you to a cool calendar of fun techniques featured each day!

Have a great one!

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The Cute & Adorable, Yet Ever So Humble, mE said...

Hey Terri!

You ROCK! Thanks for putting my ad up!!!

Love ya!