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Sunday, February 1, 2009

and YES! Mine Taste Really, REALLY Bad, too!

I felt like it was my first time cooking (AGAIN!)
First I made the fabulous WINGS from PW's website...I enjoyed!
They were just as spicy as the new edition of her romance with Marlboro Man!!!

Then (well, really off and on again all day) I tried making dessert...out of paper, of course!
This, of course was my first attempt.
AND I learnED it all from the Fabulousy Artsy Tresa Black.
(It's a good thing I really really like her...cause her videos make it really easy to follow even though my projects will NEVER look like hers othwise I'd have to hate her!)

Mom's Red Hat Society is having a Tea and she wondered if I could make something for each guest. (good thing the numbers for attendance are really low!)

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