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Monday, February 16, 2009

Stampin' Memories Scrapbook Getaway

It was a SHORT Getaway for me since I wasn't granted the day off today...grrr...
however, that didn't stop me from spending exactly 6.5 hours and 42 minutes creating a template and making this layout from Convention in August 08.
I saw these cute decals on all the windows with one word inspirations...took many photos of them just knowing I'd use them on my layout (whenever that got done)
I couldn't find any complimentary papers that matched, so I went with white space.
Tell me what ya think?

This is the cover so to speak. Eventually, things will be added to expand for the entire trip.

In spite of not having the day off (and having to load all my stuff to my car in the pouring down rain whilst everyone else slept warmly, and cozily in their beds), our Getway was full of fun times, Cricut cuttin, scrip-scrappin', awesome home-made breakfasts, and of course the ever-traditional shopping trip to Michael's for some new had-to-have goodies!

And of course, everyone just L@@@VED their low fat, no fat, high in fiber cupcakes!

This is the other project I finished...a giftie for P & M in Florida.
You may remember that this is my girlfriend from high school that I visited the week before Convention.
Ironically, they were California just the week BEfore I was out there.
I love little acrylic albums!
This is the cover

This is the next set of pages of them doing a ATV ride.

Now the next set of pages are pretty cool.
You see the back side of a tunnel they went through, then the train ride on the right.
but you're actually looking through a clear page. (aren't those dang acrylic albums clever?)

So now the clear page is on the left and you are seeing the real train picture and you see them peeking over the top on the next page. (cute, eh?)
I love the graffiti look, so I lopsided the word Lake with white rub-ons.
The photo on the left is the backside of the train picture and I used rub-0ns again to spell out
Tahoe (name of lake that is...Lake Tahoe)
Stay with me now as we see how fun these acrylic suckers and rub-0ns can be!
the right page here is the last and longest page. Amazing pic of the lake again...but turn the page and what do you see...?

Another shot of Lake Tahoe and the rub-0ns peeking through spelling Tahoe.
Lake Tahoe is really beautiful.
I really love these little acrylic suckers...did I mention that?

I'll mail this off tomorrow to her along with a check she had sent trying to pay me for the DogTopia album. I couldn't accept it.
Really...I mean I really couldn't accept it....and neither would my bank when they saw the payee name as Gertie Howard. Who the hell is that they asked?
Well, that's another story for another insomnia driven night.


Kathi Carlson said...

Love the layout, including the white space with all the color. The acrylic album is awesome, too. I need to get my hands on one of those things so it can collect dust for a year or two before I get to it. LOL.

Mare said...

Loved that layout on the BB!!!! So different and so YOU! Thanks for the compliments on my album. Michael loved it. He even posted on my blog!!! LOL

Tracey Mason said...

OMG! I am so lucky to have made it on your layout! Wahoo! I'm famous now!