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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Good Friday was...GREAT!

I was lucky to get the day off Friday....unexpected and welcome!
(these two things don't always happen where I work, by the way)

Gramie (aka Mom) had told me that my cousin Laurie was coming up for the weekend to celebrate her birthday with friends and extended family and they were going to lunch.
The other fun thing was Laurie had tracked down an Aunt that we lost track of...
sort of.
Aunt Maxine was married to my mom's brother, also brother to my cousin Laurie's father. Clear with the family tree?

So we had a lovely visit, lunch, more visiting....and of course Gramie had to tell us a joke....not just any joke...the infamous chicken joke. This joke normally involves wearing a chicken hat, but thankfully it was out in the coop doing what any American chicken worth it's weight is doing a few days before Easter.

Now if you haven't heard OR seen this joke before, please set down any liquids off to the side else you may spew said liquids all over your computer. The joke involves telling of a dream in the first person...ya know, "I had a dream" (sorry MLK no disrespect)
I had a dream that a chicken wanted to have sex with me...
At this point Aunt Maxine, who is 89 years old and-will-be-90-in-October looks up at Gramie and says, "you mean you still get sex?"
Gramie was perturbed as you can see that she was upstaged.

When my cousin Laurie and I picked ourselves up off the floor and checked our depends, Gramie continued without a pause.

The punch line you understand, involves a cough and feathers flying from the joke-tellers hand.
I wasn't sure how Aunt Maxine would take that...... you can see, she got quite a laugh out of it!

After we visited some more, we realized it was now dinner time.
So, not because it was her birthday or anything but my cousin Laurie insisted on buying us dinner.
So we headed down the road to Marie Calendar's and had another very lovely meal.

We all agreed that it was the Greatest Good Friday any of us has had in years...
and hopefully we can do it again for no other reason than to just visit and tell jokes!

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