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Saturday, August 15, 2009

I'm either Obsessed or Possessed...!

If you know me you know that although belatedly, I'm a TwiFan...
ask me about any rumor about Twilight,RPatz or KStew and I can knock it down.
I'm not to the point of going to a ComicCon or running away to Vancover, or any other shoot location to grab his hair or asking him to bite me, but I'm sure he could use a "mum away from mum" while on locations!
And after all, we DO have a soundstage here in town where NO FANS would find him.
I guess you could say, that yea...I'm a TwiMom (but if I WERE 30 years younger...)!

Anyhoot...there is this one FUN family in Galt who are true fans and I finally got to see them today in Elk Grove. And did I, the die-hard scrapper have my camera handy?? Uh, the cell phone pic will just have to do for now

Now this takes FAN to a whole new level!
And you can follow them on their blog The Twilight Bus and see better shots of the bus or if you Twitter, thetwilightbus .

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Deborah Young said...

Terri - I meant to tell you at convention that Artful Inkables has Twilight/vampire stamps. Enjoy, dear!