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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Another Ode To A Dog...

You may remember my long time neighbor Linda and her BFF, Zoe whom I did some photos of last fall for her Holiday Cards.
Zoe was the type of dog that once she smelled your crotch you were ok in her animal world.
The first time you meet her and you feel that round thing getting closer to the inside of your thigh, a natural reaction is to put your hands down there to pet or aim her nose in a different direction...maybe at your face instead?
Linda finally told me..."if you let her get your "scent" (you get my drift) she'll know you next time and won't bother you t'all!" Ok...whew THAT was strange. She was right though.

Today (the day after Linda's birthday), I had the priviledge to help Linda take Zoe for her final journey.
A few months back Zoe's diagnosis of Lymphoma came...not even a year after Linda's husband passed and 2 years after her mother's (our Postmaster) passing.

How do animals that give us such joy and companionship (ok, and once in a while a weird trait) break you into a million pieces when they are sick or hurt?
I wasn't there for Mom and C-Tong, but I sure wasn't let another human do this alone if I could help it...especially one who had endured so many deaths close to her in just a short period of time.
I was glad to be there. I wouldn't want to do it anytime again in the future, but I know it was a blessing to both; Linda and Zoe.

Then we went home, walked the path you see above where Peter's ashes (under the trees) are waiting patiently for Zoe to return to him, cracked a couple beers, had a smoke and saluted them both.

And now I'll leave you with another dog with a wierd trait...
See Grit wake up his humans every morning:

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Kathi Carlson said...

How lucky Linda is to have a friend like you!! Loved your tribute, too - a tear-jerker that made me laugh - the best kind. TFS. Have a good week, friend!