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Sunday, September 6, 2009


As I was putting things in a new (now discontinued) Work in Progress binder, I finished up some details of a few layouts...
This is from my trip to Long Beach last now 2 months ago!
So on the left side here, we have the theme of the conference, "Own It" backdrop.
Jeanette and I...
and all the fun gals I spent time with.
This is a collection of shots all around Long Beach itself on right layout. The lower left picture just hit a funny bone with me...Canadian cigs. Who'd a thunk they cause impotency!
Centered is a 3 x 3 accordian album of, what else? Bubba Gumps!
It's tied shut with a curiously-like fish net I made with our Hemp product.
One side of the accordian book....
The flip side.
Fun times!

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