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Monday, December 21, 2009

Happy, Merry Ho Ho...

378 gifts wrapped, tagged and bagged! Whew! THAT was the best power shopping evah, man!
No...not really all for me or my family (don't YOU wish, family...)
This is an annual event where our local sheriff's volunteers and officers collect toys for needy families in the community. Then they put out the call for volunteer wrappers, too.
In a former life and many double-digit years ago, I was a professional gift wrapper at a dept. store.
I was shocked when on Saturday all they handed me was a pair of scissors, no ribbon and NO bows!
AND did I mention we were outside???!!


Being the planner at heart that I am, I passed on the word to our local high school counselor for some volunteers, too. (ie; required community service hours to graduate!)
So we had the young...

and old(er) alike...

(I think they came for the donuts...but nonetheless...)
But mission accomplished!

Then I drove like a crazy woman into town to do some shopping of my own because the guilt was just killin' me, man!

This is what it's about...this is the kind of photo that gives you the warm and fuzzies, and you think you see sparkles, but they are really embers from a warm winter  that will remind you year after year that it's not what you receive, but you you give, and  if this doesn't force the holly, jolly spirit down your throat...well I don't know what would.


OOPS! wrong warm and fuzzie....

It's THESE kind of warm and fuzzies people...really the spirit of the Holidays.
Can I get an AMEN?


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