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Sunday, December 6, 2009

It's Beginning to Look A Lot like Christmas....somewhere!

Don't you just love a small neighborhood parade to get you into the Holiday spirit?
I sure do...frosty noses, fingers and toes remind me that the chill in the air means Winter and that means CHRISTMAS!!!
We journeyed out to the home of the Chicken Festival, old towne Fair Oaks, CA.
As we started out I saw these cute little girls trying to maintain their grown-up dignity until they saw my camera...I'm partial to the one up front...she had some really cute frames on.

Then of course the parade began...oh it had it's usual bands, dancers, antique cars (whew! grateful for those stupid smog laws now!) and beauty queens who threw candy at our feet like the Royalty of olden days use to throw gold coins at the peasants (I'd rather have the gold coins thankyouverymuch)...
but when I saw these darling sleighs, I knew who was coming next and it sent my heart to fluttering.
Let's just zoon in on those faces...."you lookin' at me?"

yea... I guess I am. Smile and wave boys.

Then...wait...where's Santa's sleigh? OhMyGod...noooooooooo!
(please ignore the woman with the weird hat on that looks like a chimney with legs sticking out)

WHAT ON EARTH?....a Cadillac? Ok, it's white, it's old, it's sleek but come ON....dude! Ya should have been pulled by the llamas...on a SLEIGH for heaven sakes!

And then there was the crowd...lots and lots of fellow chicken lovers who came to see the wonderful tree, the chickens and the other festivities to be had.

 These three were my favorites, of course.
Who doesn't like to wear Red and Purple during the Holidays?

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