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Friday, April 30, 2010

Something New..Faster, Simpler, Easier!

Available now through my website only, is the newest, greatest Scrapbooking tool in the industry.
I'm free of papers, free of glues, a gazillion little embellishments...(well...not!) but I could be singing, "I'm free at last!"
Studio J is here...and if you want to work on projects on the go, don't want to worry about lugging totes full of "stuff", or can't live with files and files of digital images, you are gonna love  NEW.FREE.TOOL.

To take a tour and play around, free of course, head over to my website and click on Studio J.

Have fun!

(ps: have been down and out lately, as mom had surgery on Wednesday. and guess what? I did some on-line scrapbooking with Studio J while in the waiting room!)
THAT IS AWESOME! (and Mom's ok, too!)

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