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Saturday, September 25, 2010

The Big "Bang" Theory

"Bang" as in car accident.
"Bang" as in the air bags that do great damage while probably saving one's life.
"Bang" as in I would rather phone in the injuries than be classified something other than a trauma patient. Wouldn't that be more efficient?
"Bang" as in injuries sustained by a more mature person are more serious and life-altering.
"Bang" above said injuries are also going to be life-altering for me, too.
She's healing on the outside…the inside might just take a tad longer.


kath001 said...

Get well! Get well soon!
We want you to get well!

I can't believe how wonderful Grammie is looking. Prayers for continued quick and complete healing. xo

Betsy said...

It's so traumatic when something happens to a parent. I've been in that position far too often. All said, Grammie looks pretty good, she's still trying to give us her sweet smile. Prayers for both of you.

Kathi C. said...

Prayers for your mom ... you, too!