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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Blog Hop for October! (what? OCTOBER already?)

If you've landed here from Erica's Blog, you're on the right track.

I was invited to participate in a "Blog Hop".
I don't who is going to be sorrier; me or the gals who invited me!
I've been in an artistic slump lately…yup, not a creative bone in my body.
But here goes...
The main focus is the beautiful papers or the colors from the new Olivia papers from Close To My Heart.
Love the papers so much I forgot to order them. But I do have the cardstock colors...
I love the new colors: Pear and Sunset. Who'd a thunk that they would have been paired with Barn Red? And aren't those mini-button-braids just the cutest stankin' thing?!
I cheated and added some B/T from another set as the background. So sue me.
Now hop on over to Mary's Blog 

Have a fun time!


Mare said...

Beautiful!!! Beautiful!!!

Betsy said...

If this is what you make in a slump, please warn me when you are on creative roll! I love it!!