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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Whole Lotta Rollin' Goin' On!

I learned how to roll paper roses, and am now ready to harvest, and sell in bouquets.
(not really, but I do have enough, really.)

For a full tutorial on how to and to see the incredible original idea, visit
Tracey Mason's Blog

Her inspiration holds no bounds, people! And check out her post showing her Studio!
(it's what mine looks like in my dreams)

But for now and without a drum-roll, here's my lowly version
I used the same techniques as Tracey (why reinvent the wheel?) however being the first time
(no comments from the peanut gallery) I had ever attempted the flowers, they are a tad on the large size. This took me almost a month! I'm getting better though…the 2nd one only took a day to roll the roses and it's ready for embellies. More on that one later.

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