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Sunday, April 3, 2011

It's Alive!

Due to circumstances beyond human control (solely a mole), our artichoke plants had to be taken to a more protective area. That means transplanted into a self-contained box with cement blocks underneath to prevent a certain mole from pulling it down by the roots.
Can you imagine a 5 foot tall plant with a stalk the size of small car tire being reduced to a 10" tall piece of leaf? I mean come on…!

For a quick refresher on the plants as young things, click here.

Anyhoot, shortly after transplanting, the poor things were dumped on by at least 11" of rain, winds up to 50mph, and more rain. There was doubt of survival.
Yesterday being the first sunny day in a really loooooong time, I ventured out.
Lo-and-behold…. It's alive! and ….producing already!

Well, if that weren't enough to throw me into summertime hypertension, I turned to the backside of the property and saw this…in all it's glory….
And wept with joy.


mE said...

is the second set of pics asparagus or another choke?

Stampin n da Hood said...