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Monday, August 8, 2011

Eight Random Things on the 8th!

Something new and totally UNoriginal…
Most nites I'm usually pretty well brain dead from the "other day job" and commuting, which puts a big damper on my ArT and cReaTiviTy…it's all I can do to catch up on my friends' blogs I tell ya!

One  blog I try not to lose sight of is a long time CTMH friend Kathy. She does a random 7 thoughts on the 7th. Then there's my other CTMH friend Tresa and she does a Whatever Wednesday thing.

Now, I can't even compete with Tresa's Fabulously Artsy posts (I'm so not worthy) however I CAN put together a few random thoughts like Kathy…so here goes:

1. I will try to remember do to this on the 8th of each month (but no promises. ha!)

2. Cancer Bites. Another family member has been diagnosed and quite frankly, I'd love to just bite Cancer back in the ass.

3. Spiders bite, too. An unidentifiable garden spider has taken a chunk out of the BFG here while tending to his garden. While the feeling is back in his lip and cheek, there is still a numb feeling up on his head.  Will he go to the Dr.? The answer is, "he is a man".

4. I am so overwhelmed with ArT possibilities that I lose focus.

5. I am 2.5 months behind on hair needs. I have resorted to the ol' modeling trick...
brown eyeshadow at the root line. Please don't share this secret as it will put the L'Oreal people into bankruptcy.

6.  I really would do a LOT of good deeds within my community/world if I should ever win the Lottery. Not that I do not now. I do have a list prepared just in case things go Global.

7.  I keep putting off vacuuming the spider webs in the house because Halloween is right around the corner and then all I have to do is blow some baby powder on them and my decorating is done!

8. I really want to thank you for sticking through this post. Really.

1 comment:

kath001 said...

I feel just like Sally Field ('You like me! You really LIKE me!') LOL

I don't think I've even noticed when the 7th rolled around for like three months now, so I'll cut you some slack. :)

#5...Hey I bought some stuff for just this purpose, and it is exactly like just plain old brown eye shadow...but hey, it works!
#7...When we were newlyweds, my husband made the mistake of telling me that spider webs caught mosquitos and flies...bwahaha...he's regretted sharing that little gem for the last thirty-five years! HA!