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Friday, September 23, 2011

Chirp, Ditto, Chirp!

Just in case you've never visited our founder of Close To My Heart Jeanette Lynton's Blog (the link is to the right down the page), she recently put out a Q&A for anyone to submit their inquiring mind-type questions…well I did…and she answered!

See, after attending years and years of events put on by CTMH, I wanted to know that with the Cricut phenomenon, if our Corp office staffers still hand cut hundreds of thousands of pieces of papers and cardstock for our hands-one projects!
(personally I love using my Bug to cut me a whole sheet of 2 x 2 squares!)

She never really addressed that part of the question, but she did give us all some insight on how much of a CTMH purist she is or if she ever delved into the "other" side of craft tools!

Check out her response by clicking here

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