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Wednesday, January 11, 2012

I'm Not Hormonal, but I have Hotflashes

I am not hormal, I am not hormonal, it's the HorMONigees or lack thereof..
Whatever it is, it started with the Breast Cancer 11 years ago and I've been flashing, lighting fires, and living with my head in the freezer ever since.

I've also developed the VSP Veinte. Generally most new employees at VSP gain at least 20 pounds.
It could be the cafe on-site with good to love and hate to love foods on demand.
It could be the snack machines with not so good stuff available 24/7.
It could be the Fabulous Cake Day the last day of every month.
It could be the endless Potlucks.

It's most definitely a combination of all of the above. But please add to the fact that we are sedentary in our jobs. Hooked to a phone for 8 hours. Bio breaks acceptable but otherwise that's what we do.

Mind you that my arms and legs are still skinny as a rail, and I could disappear behind most fences,
frontal wise.
Side wise ain't pretty I tell ya.
I've always said I don't make New Year's Resolutions and this year was no different.

It's just coincidence that in this New Year, I've noticed that something touches my legs while sitting and my pants' waistline is touching my rib cage so I have vowed to do something about it.

Just sayin' it out loud. Tap! Tap! is this thing on?

I think it might be gross to document…but then no one is listening…right?

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kath001 said...

Sorry, couldn't hear ya. What'd you say? LOL

Oh, yes. Add the commute to the job, and there you have it. I sit in the car at least two hours a day. You too, right?

Gotta get a MOVE on!