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Sunday, January 1, 2012

January Blog Hop-Wonderland!

These are a few of my Christmas Cards using this paper pack. You'll notice they may look familiar…and that's because when you hopped over from Vicki's Blog, I CASED them from her! I love her artwork!
So this month we are featuring Wonderland Papers…and since it's been unusually cold here 'n da Hood, it fit!

Yes, those iddy biddy white dots are Liquid Applique!
Here's a project that conceptually, I've been working on for a few weeks. (a few weeks you may be thinking?) Well, yes. An hour commute and a 9 hr day doesn't allow for quick projects too much anymore!
What threw a wrench in the whole project was that the young man in the said photos broke my niece's heart at Christmas. I do not like him. Oh wait…I've never met him. But still. Anyhoot, the whole theme had to change…
I used the concept from CTMH's Idea Book "Magic" called Juggling Act(note snowflakes)
lots of glitter, mini sparkles (sorry had to throw in a MS snowflake punch), Liquid Applique, and a touch of grunge from t!m holtz, too.

You can hop on over to Betsy's Blog for more chillin' artwork!


Vicki Wizniuk said...

Super cute, Terri! Love the snow on the wreath cards... I'm guessing that it's Liquid Applique? Cute.

Mare said...

Lovely!!!! Love figure skater!!! Very cool fold!

clmk523 said...

Beautiful cards!

Betsy Lewis Gully said...

Love your cards!! Now is it snow on the wreath or are they pussy willows? =)

Pam Klassen said...

I love the variety of ideas this wreath has inspired - your's are GORGEOUS!

Pam Klassen said...

The layout is DIVINE! Too bad the guy's a creep....don't know him either but who breaks a girls heart at Christmas time? Only a ANYWAY the layout is gorgeous and I understand the 'commute creation principle'

kath001 said...

Such gorgeous cards!