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Saturday, December 1, 2007


Love those new icecube trays from IKEA!
They just make your martinis so festive!

Ok, so NOW I'll say it's the Holiday season.
I simply refuse to do anything related to Christmas before Dec. 1st.
(the exception to that is hand-stamping my Christmas cards...gotta start that in July)

Now it's the 1st.
I've officially bought one gift.
It was for ME
It counts.
Been pinning for it for months.
Done pinning.

This weekend, I'll seriously do the decorating, but first gotta pack up the last few hundred Beanies to donate. We are down to 2 large plastic totes. Oy! the money tied up in those things!!
(want Beanies?)These were taken to the UCD Children's Hospital the day after Thanksgiving.

Was up at 3:44am (seriously couldn't sleep) so I went on line to check out the new Spring products from Close To My Heart. (some new product sneak peeks for you!)
Oh babeeeee! Lots of cool new papers, embellishments, and stamp sets. Very trendy!!!

Then I had to check out the new "Bellas"

Now it's time for coffee and to get moving.
I have other Blogs to peruse, but thought I should visit my own.
(not that anyone reads it, but I do enjoy chatting with myself and voicing my "Frame of Mind")


Pammiewhammie said...

I read it EVERY DAY TERRI.... now I am wondering about Alisha tho as she literally seems to have drowned in her peaches! LOL

Susan H said...

This just makes me thirsty looking at it!! I will have to show you an ICE sculpture that uses the puzzle pieces... I'm with you...CTMH has certainly come up with quite a few "must haves" in this new catty!! I'm loving the new chipboard shapes - BIG TIME!!

The Cute & Adorable, Yet Ever So Humble, mE said...

Terri - love it! I was just at Ikea yesterday with mom and dad.... too fun! I almost picked up some way cool ice trays, and then I remembered the way cool Pamp Chef ones still in the plastic in the back of my cupboards... lol!

That's a LOAD of Beanies!! Wowza! I am glad you're donating them to a GREAT cause! You go girl!!

I think I need a beverage.... Where's that diet Pepsi hiding???