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Saturday, December 8, 2007


I don't have that many traditions during the holidays, because the dynamics of the household would change year to year....hard to maintain some of them financially.

There are some that cost nothing...and probably mean more.
First, decorating the tree...
As I hang these first, I say a simple prayer of gratitude and honor.

And then there's Mom's Annual Holiday Luncheon.
The tradition isn't so much the party, but what happens at the door.
Guests always wonder what (not who!) is going to greet them once they ring the bell.
One year it was

Another year

Which led to my all time favorite photo;

And just like the Academy Awards..........there's always CONTROVERSY at her party.......

(what? you didn't believe me when I said I grew up WITH I Love Lucy?)

Ok, so here's this years'
My oldest niece (got a nice guy around 35-40 and self sufficient for her?) came early to help Mom and was "chosen" to assist the guests in....she was singing...."and the stars are shining"

Then of course we were honored to have the Virgin Mary herself along with the newborn King, baby Jesus at this time of year, his birth!

As each guest arrived we all started singing..and of course they brought gifts as the story is told.

Voncille even arose to the occasion after being very ill to visit the treasured baby...

I am not on the receiving end during the holidays too when that rare occasion happens, I too celebrate!


scrappernic said...

Your pictures are fantastic--what fun! I remember seeing the one of you and your mom on the bb a while back. I want to come to your mom's party--she looks like just a blast on Christmas! Tell her she's my hero--I don't know if I'd be festive enough to be a Christmas tree--LOL!

Tresa Black said...

You have the world's coolest mom! What a hoot -- the Christmas tree was the best!