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Tuesday, December 25, 2007

The Holiday Theme is...GREEN!

There's only one person in my house that makes sure there are gifts for me under the tree.
I love my daughter.
I love having a daughter who has a job and is willing to shop for me.
I love my daughter who shops for me and selects things I would enjoy.
I love my daughter who shops for things I would enjoy at her office...

Monday, December 24, 2007

The First Hand-Made Gift of the Year!

I have a "juel" of a friend in Washington..
her being a "Citrus Sister", me being a Cricut fiend...well, let's just say we're both a fan of GREEN!
I love what she surprised with first (and I hope not the last) hand-made gift from the heart this Holiday Season!
Thank You sooo very very much, Juel!

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Dinner is Served!

This box arrived today....
We opened it up, unpacked a huge pot...lemons,2 filet mignons, clam chowder soup, oyster crackers and season packets.
How fun!

But THEN...
opened the bottom styrofoam box and....I yelled


Christmas (NOT Holiday) Luncheon

Our annual Christmas Luncheon was FABULOUS!
The penguin was the ya think I could've won it?!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

Twas the Thursday Before Christmas....

I had spent HOURS (I tell ya!) 2 years ago looking for this picture of Haley I knew I had taken...When our stamp set "Twas the Night before Christmas" came out I was on a mission to find it....scoured BOXES and MORE boxes of pictures and whew! finally found it.
These were the Christmas cards I made when she was in Sweden....only a few family members even recognized her! One wrote back, "where did you find such a cute card made like that?"
So here I am sharing it again...(just in case you missed it last time!)

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Criss Cross Projects...New Papers!

FABulous new papers from CTMH!
I love these new papers named Silhouette...stripes, flowers and polka dots, too!

Saturday, December 8, 2007


I don't have that many traditions during the holidays, because the dynamics of the household would change year to year....hard to maintain some of them financially.

There are some that cost nothing...and probably mean more.
First, decorating the tree...
As I hang these first, I say a simple prayer of gratitude and honor.

And then there's Mom's Annual Holiday Luncheon.
The tradition isn't so much the party, but what happens at the door.
Guests always wonder what (not who!) is going to greet them once they ring the bell.
One year it was

Another year

Which led to my all time favorite photo;

And just like the Academy Awards..........there's always CONTROVERSY at her party.......

(what? you didn't believe me when I said I grew up WITH I Love Lucy?)

Ok, so here's this years'
My oldest niece (got a nice guy around 35-40 and self sufficient for her?) came early to help Mom and was "chosen" to assist the guests in....she was singing...."and the stars are shining"

Then of course we were honored to have the Virgin Mary herself along with the newborn King, baby Jesus at this time of year, his birth!

As each guest arrived we all started singing..and of course they brought gifts as the story is told.

Voncille even arose to the occasion after being very ill to visit the treasured baby...

I am not on the receiving end during the holidays too when that rare occasion happens, I too celebrate!

Saturday, December 1, 2007


Love those new icecube trays from IKEA!
They just make your martinis so festive!

Ok, so NOW I'll say it's the Holiday season.
I simply refuse to do anything related to Christmas before Dec. 1st.
(the exception to that is hand-stamping my Christmas cards...gotta start that in July)

Now it's the 1st.
I've officially bought one gift.
It was for ME
It counts.
Been pinning for it for months.
Done pinning.

This weekend, I'll seriously do the decorating, but first gotta pack up the last few hundred Beanies to donate. We are down to 2 large plastic totes. Oy! the money tied up in those things!!
(want Beanies?)These were taken to the UCD Children's Hospital the day after Thanksgiving.

Was up at 3:44am (seriously couldn't sleep) so I went on line to check out the new Spring products from Close To My Heart. (some new product sneak peeks for you!)
Oh babeeeee! Lots of cool new papers, embellishments, and stamp sets. Very trendy!!!

Then I had to check out the new "Bellas"

Now it's time for coffee and to get moving.
I have other Blogs to peruse, but thought I should visit my own.
(not that anyone reads it, but I do enjoy chatting with myself and voicing my "Frame of Mind")