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Sunday, January 6, 2008

HaPpY NeW YeAr!!!!

Someone said I should update my blog....Hmmm? Must be someone who visits regularly, but doesn't respond much.
Well, ok then! I can take a hint.

I am not much for New Years' resolutions...never have been, never will be. Maybe cause the last resolution I made was NOT to make any more resolutions, eh?!

I will say that I will attempt to update things here more often. But hear me now....that's NOT a resolution, k?

Alot of bloggers promise to post an idea per day, or a "word" for the day...something of that nature. Uh huh. Nope. Not gonna happen here!

Anyhoot! Hope my lovies all had a marvy holiday season and fan-tab-U-loso New Year!
The Sacramento area had the storm of the century, and we "weathered" ok...just lost a few shingles, downspouts, etc. Not bad.

Here's my latest, cutest new fetish....
TrueFit Folio Tag Books!
I will try to add a tutorial later tonite, but these are simply 12 x 12 file folders, scored then scored again, then cut outs for the tags.
This is the cover

Here it is standing up...

Here it is opened up.

Each tag has a sentiment with "Graduation" as a theme...a friend of mine just graduated with 2 BS degrees...(def NOT in B**lSh**!)

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Tracy said...

LOVE this!!! Thanks for sharing! This is my new favorite paper! :)