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Monday, February 11, 2008

Another Scrapbook Getaway Tradition

It just wouldn't be the same without an "unfortunate" event...
as the tradition goes...there's always an injury of some sort that takes place before a Stampin Memories SB Getaway.
Let's time, it was a back spasm, another time I was recovering from a cyst removal on my leg, another time (and this was the best yet), I had driven over my own foot.

One time, I was wracked over the coals by someone who called me a "cold heartless, MEAN-o-pausal witch with no forgiveness in her heart.
(which didn't leave a bruise but caused other bodies parts to implode)

THIS week is true to the tradition.
The same said foot suffered an unidentifiable injury...could be a broken bone around the pinkie toe area or just bruised. How do ya like the colors of bruising so far? The colors are by far the best in between the pinkie toe, however, I wanted to spare you the details of what could be lurking in there since my a.m. shower so you'll have to take my word on that.

Did I have it x-rayed you ask? Who the hell has time? I have door prizes to shop for, goodie bags to put together, a mom who's having surgery, and bathrooms that need cleaning, floors that need mopping, and an out-of-town guest arriving!

So ice packs (ie; frozen lima beans) and Pink M & M's are the best I can do!

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