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Sunday, February 3, 2008

SUPER Mother/Daughter Day!

It's a GREAT day when your 21 year old actually LIKES your playlist...(well...maybe not ALL of them, but we can compromise on the fast/fwd button)

Haley's iPOD shuffle was dead from her trip, so we shared earphones
(normally that would be an ewwww thing, but what the hell...we're related)

It's a SUPER day when a group of moms and daughters of a common bond can get together for an annual Mother/Daughter Brunch.
We've had to skip some years, but hey anything more than 5 years can be considered a tradition.
My generation of girls all went to school together except one.
So we started it with just us and our Moms...then our kids (omygod!) started getting old enough to attend.

So here we are this year at the Cliffhouse in Folsom, Ca.
(My oldest niece Nikki far left planned this year's)

Beautiful day and a group of beautiful women don't ya think?

So here are the group shots of each family;
Here are the Moms (1st generation)
From left Joan Churches, Mom, Rose Petkovich
For some reason we didn't get a shot of my generation or the 3rd generation together...
(I think we had too many in the ladies room!)

Debbie Young and her daughters Lindsay and Lauren (missing today is her mom and other daughter Jennifer)
All of Patti's Moms!
Patti had all 3 of our moms to call her own. In fact, she actually stayed with us for a while.
She claims it was great to have sisters....the walls & doors in our house would disagree.

The Churches
Lisa, Joan and Lucia
I think they look fabulous!
Petkovich Girls!
Elizabeth, Deb, Rose and Micheyl
(we missed having Rose's sister Claire and her daughter Judy!)

My (Jurich) Family
Nikki, Me, Mom and Haley
missing today is my sister Pam and her daughter Natalie

It's amazing how a group of us can meet up, drink up and catch up like it was just yesterday we met last...
I LOVE our Annual Mother Daughter Brunches!


Kathi Carlson said...

Wow! What a fun day, and BTW, you have been tagged. Here are the rules. You can go to my blog and read mine.

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Juel said...

How fun!!

Guess who gets to see her daughter's and grandbabies at the end of the month???!!! Yeppers, that would be me!!

Pammiewhammie said...

Terri these pictures remind me of the joy that should be in every womans life!