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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Another Great One Moves On...

Tim Russert

I must admit that I am not a political junkie...I can't recite statistics, remember who won what caucus when, who were former runners for which political office.
But THIS man is why I loved watching Meet the Press.
He asked all the questions that people like me wanted to ask.
He took joy in his research for the show each week.
He was a devout Catholic (and was actually giddy when he was selected to meet the Pope)
He was a loving, devoted family man (which would make me vote for him for President)
He was a good guy.
And yes, the good die young.
And that makes me sad.


judy anderson said...

I agree. I have been watching all weekend. Now I want his books.

Mare said...

Wow! So all those early Sunday mornings we ran into each other online you and I were watching the same program? Hmmmm Could we have been closet watchers??????